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45 Delicious Gender Reveal Food Ideas to Share Your Exciting News

Get ready to amp up the fun at your gender reveal party with 45 delicious food ideas that will have your guests drooling! From mouth-watering cheese boards to irresistible cake pops, these treats hold the secret to revealing your baby’s gender in the most memorable (and delicious) way possible. Get ready for an explosion of flavor that will leave everyone asking for more!

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Gender Reveals Food Ideas

Baby Bagel Board

Assemble a bagel board with blueberry and cranberry bagels and a variety of delicious toppings. This is one of the best food gender ideas for a brunch party!

Spring Rolls (For Spring Gender Reveal)

Make fruit spring rolls with strawberries for a girl or blueberries for a boy. This is a unique and refreshing food idea for a gender reveal, especially for a Spring baby shower!

Delicious Shrimp Bites

Impress guests with elegant shrimp bites skewered with blue or pink picks and a fun catchphrase like “We’re boiling with excitement!”

Refreshing Gender-Reveal Salad

Serve a colorful mix of greens, berries, and feta, hiding the baby’s gender in a delicious blueberry or raspberry dressing. Or, for a more classic meal gender idea, serve a pink and blue fruit salad.

Decadent Cheese Board

Get creative with a cheese board that displays blue veins and blushing cheeses and berries with pink or blue tones to give a playful hint about your baby’s gender.

Grazing Table

Create a gender reveal food table grazing board filled with an array of blueberries, blue cheese, and other blue bites for a boy or watermelon, raspberries, deli meat, and other pink items for a girl.

Colorful Potato Salad (For Your Sex-Showing BBQ)

Do it blue potato salad for a boy or pink potato salad (Deer salad) for a girl, adding a delicious twist to your gender reveal BBQ menu.

Freshly Grilled Deli Meats

Make your favorite turkey pinwheels with fresh roast meat, then add a sign that says, “What will our little turkey be?” Make sure the meat you choose is safe in pregnancy.

Pickle Bar (To Satisfy Your Pregnancy Cravings)

Pickles are a classic pregnancy craving, making them one of the best food ideas for a gender reveal party! Set up a delicious pickle bar with your favorite flavors. Let your loved ones guess your baby’s gender based on your pickle cravings!

Vibrant Pasta Salad

Make a colorful pasta salad with pink and blue bowties mixed with greens and dressing. Guests will discover the baby’s gender while enjoying this delicious and colorful dish.

Decadent Deviled Eggs

Beautify your deviled eggs by dyeing them pink and blue. This dish is one of the best gender reveal finger food ideas for Easter time.

Miniature Chicken Pot Pie (For Winter Gender Reveal)

Bake mini chicken pies with a golden crust, filling them with delicious vegetables. Serve them in blue or pink ramekins to reveal the baby’s gender in a cute and delicious way.

Boy and Girl Pepperoni Pizzas

Serve pizza slices topped with pepperonis that spell out “boy” or “girl” for a cheesy and fun sex moment.

Mini Taco Cups for a Gender Reveal Fiesta

Serve in adorable mini taco cups topped with sour cream and bell peppers. Place them on a blue or pink plate with a sign that says “Taco ’bout a baby” for a fun and festive reveal.

Gender Reveal Granola Bars (For an Outdoorsy Reveal)

Offer the small granola bars in blue or pink packaging. Or, make homemade bars with pink or blue m and m.

Blue and Pink Cupcakes

Bake cupcakes with pink and blue swirled frosting and a hidden center filled with pink or blue batter. Guests will be amazed as they enjoy these delicious treats!

Cheesecake cups

Indulge in creamy cheesecake cups with blue or red filling for a show that’s as delicious as it is exciting.

Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels

Add a touch of sweetness to your gender reveal party with blue and pink chocolate-dipped pretzel rods. They are delicious and one of the most aesthetic food ideas for a gender reveal party.

Classic Hershey Chocolate Bars (With a Gender Reveal Twist)

Get creative with your gender reveal announcement by coloring the “he” in blue or the “she” in pink on the Hershey wrapper.

Personalized M&Ms

Surprise your guests with personalized M&Ms in blue and pink. Let the parents choose the correct color from the bowl to reveal the baby’s gender.

Adorable Cake Pops

Indulge in whimsical cake pops with pink and blue coatings, with a surprise inside to reveal the baby’s gender!

Delicious Berry Bowl

Make a delicious display of red and blue berries in a bowl. Guests can eat this sweet treat while discovering the baby’s gender!

Triple-Layered Yogurt Parfaits

Make a fun and delicious gender reveal treat by layering creamy yogurt, crunchy granola, and blue or pink fruit in fancy glasses.

Gender Reveal Donuts

Prepare different donuts with pink or blue fillings. While your guests are eating, they will find out the sweet surprise of the baby’s gender!

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Dip fresh strawberries in pink or blue chocolate, creating a delicious and attractive gender reveal treat.

Vanilla Cake Pops

Make a vanilla cake with a hidden pink or blue batter center. While your guests are eating, the gender of the baby will be revealed!

Popcorn Cones

Get the party popping with a gender reveal cone filled with blue or pink popcorn. Perfect for a carnival-themed bash!

Ice Cream Bar (For Summer Gender Reveal Party)

Impress your guests with an ice cream bar featuring a pink or blue flavor. Don’t forget the toppings!

Personalized Sugar Cookies

Bake homemade cookies with pink and blue icing designs. Include the names of the parents-to-be or include fun designs related to the party’s gender reveal theme.

Baby-Themed Cookies

Bake cookies shaped like rattles, strollers, or onesies decorated with blue or pink accents.

Homemade Ice Cream Bars

Make homemade ice cream bars with blueberry or strawberry swirls for a fun surprise that will “melt” your loved ones’ hearts!

Fun Smash Box

Grab a cupcake-shaped smash box, and parents-to-be open it for an exciting reveal! Inside, they’ll find pink or blue confetti or candies, which reveal the baby’s gender.

Watermelon Fruit Platter

Carve a watermelon in the shape of a baby and toddler carriage. Place a pink or blue pacifier in baby’s mouth for a creative and adorable gender reveal!

Blue and Pink Gender Reveal Cookies

Bake cookies with blue and pink icing and a surprise inside for a fun gender reveal. They also make great gender reveal gifts!

Fruit Kabobs with Cream Cheese Dip

Whip blue and pink fruits into a kabob for a fun and refreshing sex-showing treat.

Rice Krispies Treats on a Stick

Dip Rice Krispies treats in blue or pink candy melts for a delicious and nostalgic surprise. This is a fun food idea for a gender reveal that will take you back to your childhood!

“Oh Baby” themed Cake

Bake a delicious “Oh Baby” cake covered in neutral colored frosting. When the cake is cut, the hidden blue or pink filling reveals the gender of the baby.

Gender Reveals Drink Ideas

Colorful Punch

Create two self-serve punch stations with blue and pink options. Let guests choose their favorite flavor, and the punch the parent-to-be chooses will reveal the baby’s gender!

Gender Reveal Smoothie Station (For Health Nuts)

Set up a fun DIY smoothie station with blue and pink fruits and vegetables. Let the guests make their own colorful smoothies and wait for the exciting reveal!

Refreshing Pink n’ Blue Lemonade

Prepare pitchers of lemonade topped with blueberries or raspberries. This is a fun gender reveal idea for an outdoor BBQ.

Fun “Mom”-osa Bar

Create a mimosa cocktail bar with champagne and blue and pink decorations. Guests can customize their own mom-osas and toast the baby’s gender reveal.

Team Boy and Team Girl Water Bottles

Add some fun to your gender reveal party by decorating water bottles with blue or pink labels and creating “team boy” and “team girl” options for a playful competition that leads to an exciting reveal.

Cotton Candy Mocktail Bar

Make a cotton candy mocktail bar with pink or blue cotton candy. Visitors can watch the cotton candy melt, revealing the baby’s gender.

Pink and Blue Mocktails

Serve a seducer pink and blue mocktails made with passion fruit tea and coconut milk. Guests can sip the colorful concoction until the delightful surprise is revealed.

Convenient Hot Chocolate Bar

Set up a hot chocolate bar with sex shows hot cocoa bomb filled with pink or blue marshmallows. As your guests place the bombs in their coco, the secret will be revealed!

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