9 Pregnancy Documentaries To Add to Your Queue

While expecting, many soon-to-be parents want to learn more about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to feel informed and prepared for whatever lies ahead. Prenatal appointments and pregnancy apps will give you a good idea of ​​what to expect each week (the baby is about the size of an eggplant!). However, there are still many important things to discuss before your newbie decides to make their grand entrance into the world.

Gaining additional insight is helpful because pregnancy and birth (and everything that comes after it) is not one-size-fits-all—or even most. Different people have different experiences, and it can be helpful to gain insight from different sources in addition to your doctor, midwife, sister, or best friend. By looking at different perspectives on pregnancy and childbirth and understanding the possible outcomes, associated risks, and contributing factors, you can better make decisions for yourself and your baby. .

There are thousands of books written about the birth process. You can read articles, essays, first-hand accounts, and even fiction that describe the experiences of others. And while some delivery scenes depicted on television and film strive to provide a fairly accurate depiction of what might be in store, Hollywood often doesn’t get it exactly right. Documentaries offer an entertaining way to bridge the gap between well-written fiction and real life. While informative and helpful, the downside to these films is that they are often created to educate the general public on potential risks and threats within the maternal health care system, so while you are taking information, remember to keep it in context.

These nine exploratory documentaries are worth watching the next time you curl up for a quiet night at home or need a break from your regularly scheduled programming.

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