Abortionist Willie Parker Allegedly Raped a Woman, But He’s Still Licensed in Three States

In 2019, abortion advocate Candice Russell posted a dating account that was raped by Willie Parker on the blog medium.

She described first meeting Parker at various abortion events for what she considered unromantic outings with someone she viewed as a hero.

However, on the night Russell described in 2019, he said Parker invited him to be alone with him and, over the course of the night, he ordered several alcoholic drinks, while making Russell believe he was drinking as well.

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She wrote, “After two years of refusing to pick up the tab, I knew I had to do it secretly. That’s how I discovered that what I always thought were vodka tonics were soda water and lime.

Russell wakes up in Parker’s bed the next morning with some gaps in his memory and still a bit drunk. He wrote, “We had an awkward encounter that morning when he slipped me his key for later, on his way out to give a keynote. A keycard I left because I knew there was no way in hell I was going back to that room…”

Although Parker fell out with several national abortion groups shortly after Russell arrived, she remains licensed in three states.

LifeNews Note: Anne Reed writes for Operation Rescue.

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