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Adorable Animal Baby Shower Cakes

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Cute animal baby shower cakes perfect for any baby shower!

There were animals of all kinds – elephants, lions, frogs … oh my!

Jungle animal baby shower cakes seem to be the most popular! If you are planning an “Animal-Themed Baby Shower” – we have some adorable animal cakes for you to see!

  • To add to the animal baby shower theme, you can also serve Goldfish crackers, animal cookies, and Swedish Fish
  • Cut sandwiches into animal shapes using animal cookie cutters
  • Make animal-shaped sugar cookies and serve as snacks or bundle them up and give them to guests as baby shower favors. Use the FREE printable jungle elephant tags (below) as favor tags for the cookies
  • Display stuffed animals throughout the shower room. Hanging from plants, ropes, etc

Some of the baby shower animal cakes below were submitted by our amazingly talented readers (like you!)

DIY, Easy Animal Baby Shower Cake with Pictures

How to Make an Adorable Fondant Baby Animals Cake

photo of a fondant baby animals cake

Animal Baby Shower Cakes For Boys: Submitted By Reader – Angela

I made a cream cheese pound cake first so I would have a solid base to support the fondant and the animals.

I then used store bought fondant on part of the cake in the interest of saving some time.

And homemade marshmallow fondant on the other parts, like the animals and the weaving on the bottom layer.

The bottom layer is a 10″ x 10″ x 2″ square cake, and the top layer is a 6″ x 3″ round cake.

I like the contrast of using 2 different shaped cakes. It’s as if the top round cake is sitting on a platform.

I covered the bottom square cake in white marshmallow fondant and then wove lots of pastel colored strips in a basket weave over the white fondant.

After covering the top layer with baby blue fondant, I placed it on top of my bottom layer and added hand rolled balls that I made by piecing together the leftover pieces from the basket weaving.

I just mixed it a little to give it a marbled look.

The top layer ended up covering most of the weaving which took about an hour to do.

I didn’t think about it enough to know that if I put a 6″ circle on top of a four inch square I would only have 4″ of the bottom layer showing.

It was originally going to be a “Noah’s Ark” theme but I ran out of time to duplicate the animals I made a day or two before with fondant and left to dry.

The baby’s name is on flat square block pieces that I made with gum paste and then attached them to silver wire at different heights in front of the ark figure.

This is only the fourth fondant cake I’ve made and out of all of them, this baby animals cake is my favorite!

Easy Lion Cake With Cupcakes

lion baby shower cake photo

image source unknown

For this cute baby lion animal baby shower cake, all you have to do is make 2 – 9″ round cakes, frost them and stack them on top of each other, make 12 cupcakes, i -frost them and place them around the cake.Make the face with fondant (add raw spaghetti for whiskers.)

DIY Bear Animal Baby Shower Cupcakes

image of bear baby shower cupcakes

image source

These adorable baby bear cupcakes make such a sweet impression and they look difficult to make, but really, anyone can make them!

  • Make some chocolate cupcakes
  • Frost with chocolate frosting, using the frosting tip below
  • Add some small candy eyes (found at craft stores)
  • Melt the chocolate (both white and milk chocolate) and color the white light brown and black
  • Pipe circles on waxed paper to make ears and nose
  • Gather the chocolate pieces into the cupcakes and that’s it!

photo of baby shower cupcakes

Baby Farm Animal Cupcakes

photo of baby animal cupcakes for baby shower

image source

Get inspired by these sweet little farm animal cupcakes for a baby shower!

Little pigs, cows and baby chicks – perfect for a farm themed baby shower.

TIP: Instead of making an elaborate baby shower cake, you can opt to make cute cupcakes and place a simple cupcake pick on top of each one!

And then pop them in cute animal print cupcake wrappers! Same level of cuteness, just simpler!

Easy DIY Panda Bear Cupcakes

image source

These sweet and adorable little panda cupcakes are perfect for a child’s baby shower or birthday party!

You may choose to make mini cupcakes, using a mini cupcake pansor regular sized cupcakes.

  • Frost each chocolate cupcake with white frosting
  • Dip the tops of the cupcakes in the sugar
  • Add chocolate chips for ears, eyes and nose – if making mini cupcakes, use small chocolate chips
  • Add eye candy (use a small dab of frosting to stick it to the bottom of the chocolate chip)
  • Draw a mouth with a edible marker

Baby Boy Animal Cake Instructions

baby boy baby shower cake photo

Cake Submitted By A Reader:

This baby boy animal cake is my first fondant cake!

I used my 16 in round cake pan for the bottom layer and an 8 in round for the top layer.

I bought some fondant and rolled it out. Then I put it on top of both layers separately.

The fondant was placed under the sides of the cakes and I placed candy dowels in the bottom layer of the cake to hold the top layer.

I made my cut out animals with mini cookie cutters and my son helped make the balls around the outer edges.

Using a paintbrush, I lightly brushed water on each fondant cutout and ball and placed them on the cake. This helped them adhere to the cake a little easier.

I brushed the cake with edible shimmer dust (disco dust) and used a tapestry needle to “punch” holes in each animal to give them a sewn look! Everyone loved it!

I impressed myself with the fondant!
It’s really easy to use!

Oh, and the baby above is also made with fondant! I did some internet research on what I wanted it to look like.

Easy Animal Baby Shower Cupcakes

Image Of Animal Cookie Baby Shower Cupcakes

image source

These sweet animal cookie cupcakes are covered in delicious sprinkles and are perfect for a baby shower or 1st birthday with a baby animal theme.

They are adorable and so simple to make! Bake some cupcakes, shake, shake, shake sprinkles, and top with animal cookies.

Animal Animal and Barn Baby Shower Cake

picture of a farm animal barn baby shower cake

This cute Baby McDonald Farm Animal Cake was submitted by Trisha from Sherwood, AR. Below are her instructions for making the cake:

Farm Animal Baby Shower Cake Instructions:

  • About 4 days ahead of time we made the fondant farm animals. I found a package from Michaels to make the farm animals in the right colors and quantities that you will need.
  • About 2 days ahead of time, we made the Gingerbread barn. My husband made a pattern for the barn out of paper. I used Gingerbread cookie mix from a box, rolled it out, and cut out pieces with a pizza cutter.
  • We also cut the windows and window shutters before baking. We let it set for a day and then glued the pieces together with Royal Icing.
  • The shingles are made from Graham crackers 100 calorie packs and glued on with Royal icing.
  • The fence and food trough are made of pretzel sticks and Royal icing.
  • The straw is shredded wheat.
  • The herb is coconut mixed with a few drops of green food coloring.
  • The dirt is crushed graham crackers.
  • I made two 9×13 cakes, crumb coated, and iced them. Then we put all the parts where we want them. We iced the barn after placing it on the cake with the straight side of a #47 icing tip to look like wooden slats on a real barn. Then we cut the barn with white icing.

Below are some detailed pictures of this cute cake!

Farm animal barn baby shower cake banner
Farm animal barn baby shower cake photo
Farm animal barn baby shower cake photo
Farm animal barn baby shower cake photo

This cake was adorable and I’m sure the guests loved it!

The way you used mason jars as utensil holders and added the cute hay bale with the cow on top is so cute.

The farm animal theme is a gorgeous theme that allows for so many creative possibilities!

printable farm animal baby shower candy bar game

Some more cute farm animal decorating ideas are:

  • Serve the chips in cowboy hats and put the dip on top of the cowboy boots.
  • Roll the utensils in red or blue napkins and tie with pieces of burlap or strips of jute.
  • Cut cookies and sandwiches into farm-themed shapes using cookie cutters.

Learn How To Host A Lovely
Frog Baby Shower

frog baby shower cake banner

Free Printable Elephant Clipart And Favor Tags

elephant baby shower clipart image

Print these cute elephants from your home computer and use to decorate the baby shower!

Click on the image to print and get ideas for using them.

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