After three abortions, she found God and now advocates for the preborn

When she was 13 years old, Denise Mountenay was violated by her childhood friend’s brother at a sleepover. She screamed in terror, stuffing the terrible event deep inside where it remained a shameful secret, not to be shared with anyone.

Mountenay told Live Action News, “He came into my room that night and stole my virginity without my consent. That horrible act would have such an impact on my life later.”

At 16, Mountenay became involved with a young man — her first romantic relationship. After the relationship ended, Mountenay’s Swiss-born mother sent him to Switzerland, hoping he would gain valuable cultural experience. It was there that Mountenay discovered that she was pregnant.

“My aunt was eight months pregnant and noticed the signs of my pregnancy,” Mountenay said. “Although she doesn’t speak English, the German word for ‘baby’ is the same as the English word. I put it together that he wanted me to see a doctor.”

Pregnancy confirmed, Mountenay was determined to carry her baby to term, despite her young age and the isolation she felt living in a country where she could neither speak nor understand the language.

Mountenay said, “I got a job in a restaurant in neighboring Liechtenstein where I was promised a lot of money from wealthy patrons. I started stealing baby clothes from my aunt who, to me, was an older woman in her thirties. I didn’t think he would notice.”

A legacy of abortion that occurred as a result of parental pressure

While driving his moped one day, Mountenay lost control of the vehicle, crashed into a van, and was thrown violently through its windshield. Fortunately, she did not suffer any major injuries and the accident did not result in a miscarriage. Mountenay’s worried mother immediately flew to Switzerland and learned of Mountenay’s pregnancy.

“He’s forcing me to have surgery,’ so I can get on with my life,” Mountenay said. “I did tell my ex-boyfriend that I was pregnant, but he refused, even though he went to the hospital to see me after the abortion.”

Ten years later, Mountenay became pregnant again. When her boyfriend found out, he got angry, told her to get out of his house and never wanted to see him again. As usual, Mountenay’s mother advised her to have an abortion to avoid raising the child outside.

Mountenay said, “[My mother] He didn’t want to judge me for raising a child out of wedlock even though he was single when my sister was born.”

After nine weeks, Mountenay asked the physician about her baby’s growth.

“He told me it was just a measurement of a dot, nothing significant,” Mountenay said. “So, I contacted a clinic in Buffalo where I could get an appointment faster than in Toronto where I was living at the time.”


Awaking during the operation, Mountenay suffered excruciating pain as her baby was torn from her womb, late screaming for the abortionist to stop.

Mountenay said, “I felt like I was raped again. Then, I fell into a deep depression.”

He took a leave from his job selling insurance and checked himself into the YWCA. He also began using recreational drugs and alcohol to relieve his despair.

“My mom had a boyfriend who checked on me, but ironically, he ended up partying with me,” Mountenay said. “It wasn’t long before my decadent lifestyle resulted in a third pregnancy from a one-night stand with someone whose name I can’t remember.”

Scarred and wounded, Mountenay underwent her third abortion as a means of handling another crisis. Struggling to find a way out of the path of self-destruction, he explores the world’s religions hoping to find salvation. He came to the conclusion that everything he researched had some glaring flaw in philosophy – except Christianity.

Salvation through Christ prompts a new beginning

Mountenay said, “I became a Christian at a GLOW meeting. While surrounded by powerful prayer warriors, I got the revelation that Satan had stolen my virginity and aborted my children. I was called to the altar, where I confessed my sin of abortion and repented. That’s when God began to change my life.”

One night, Mountenay heard a voice telling him that Jesus was coming. In a vision, He incarnated accompanied by three children the ages of his aborted children at the time: 16 years old, six years old, and five years old.

“I cried when I found out who they were and apologized to them,” Mountenay said. “One by one they told me that they forgave me for what I had done. I believe with certainty that this vision is from the Lord.”

In January 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down abortion laws, allowing easier access to abortion. Mountenay felt called to share her story with the public. He became a sidewalk counselor outside the thriving abortion practice of noted Canadian abortion crusader Dr. Henry Morgentaler, a Jew who was once imprisoned in the Dachau concentration camp in Poland during World War II. He eventually sued her for $1 million in damages.

Mountenay said, “He knows I don’t have that kind of money; He just wants me to leave because I’m bad at business.”

Seeking marriage, Mountenay began praying for a husband and met a man when he spoke at his church. But he is not the romantic type so they became friends.

“She was living with someone, and I wasn’t attracted to her at first,” Mountenay said. “But over time, he abandoned his sinful lifestyle. We fell in love and got married. God blessed us with a child, my miracle child after several abortions.”

The Lord began opening more doors around the world for Mountenay to shed light on the devastating nature of abortion. He has traveled the world giving inspirational talks in various countries and has led teams at the United Nations, hosted workshops and spoken to UN Ambassadors.

Author of “The Bride, the Serpent, and the Seed,” founded by Moutenay Together for Life Ministries to offer hope and healing to those affected by abortion and pregnancy loss. She is currently working on a film to expose the lies of the abortion industry.

Mountenay said, “It’s like God turned my mess into a message by providing a way for an ordinary woman like me to tackle the most controversial issue of our time.”

The DOJ jailed a pro-life grandmother this Christmas for protesting the killing of preborn children. Please take 30 seconds to TELL CONGRESS: STOP DOJ FROM TARGETING PRO-LIFE AMERICANS.

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