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Alice in Wonderland Party – The prettiest Mad Hatters Tea Party –

This stunning Alice In Wonderland party is brought to us by Events by Chris Kessler.

tea party treats for alice in wonderland party

This Alice party extravaganza has everything you need for the perfect Alice in Wonderland Party. Every little girl’s dream, this Alice in Wonderland party has every little detail covered!

iced cookies for alice in wonderland party

From adorable Eat Me cookies to tiny containers of Drink Me potions, this is one of the best Alice in Wonderland parties we’ve ever seen!

eat me a biscuit

And if you love a tea party theme, this beautiful setup will make your dreams come true!

set up an alice in wonderland party

Scroll through for all the photos from this great party and enjoy! thank you for Chris for sharing this wonderful party with us!

drink me decorations for alice in wonderland party
Alice in wonderland party
cookies for alice party
cakes for the mad hatter tea party
alice's party decorations
tea party treats for alice in wonderland party
alice in wonderland themed party
alice in wonderland tea party
alice in wonderland party table
alice in wonderland party signs
alice in wonderland cookies
alice in wonderland party cake
alice in wonderland eat me cake
Alice in wonderland decorations
alice in wonderland cake for the party

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