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Alternatives to Trick Or Treating – 10 Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Trick or Treating is what people usually think of when it comes to Halloween. This is when children go door to door in costume around their neighborhood collecting food. But sometimes we want an alternative to trick or treating. And there are many other ways to celebrate Halloween. If your kids are too young, you live in an area that isn’t suitable for Trick or Treating, or you’re just looking for new ideas for this Halloween, keep reading. Here are our 10 Alternatives to Trick or Treating that your kids will love!

Fun alternatives to Trick Or Treating

A Trunk or Treat event usually takes place in a parking lot where people park their cars close together. They will then open their trunks and hand out candy from them as families go from trunk to trunk collecting treats. These trunks are often decorated in creative ways. Attending a Trunk or Treat event is a great alternative to Trick or Treating because it usually takes place during the day which is great for little ones. And it’s in one location! You can also buy ready-made Trunk or Treat kit. We love them Trunk or Treat kit that makes your setup easy!

Pumpkin Party

alternatives to trick or treating

Pumpkins are a staple when it comes to all things Halloween! A Pumpkin Party is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween and a great alternative to trick or treating. Send out pumpkin-themed invitations, decorate with pumpkin ornaments, bake sweet treats with pumpkins (or in pumpkin shapes), have pumpkin crafts and finally, pumpkin carving! Maybe make it a Jack-O-Lantern tournament for some friendly competition. This party is also a great way to celebrate Fall. You can also host at a local farm or pumpkin patch.

Driveway Treats

Using your driveway is another alternative way to celebrate Halloween. Depending on where you live, this can prevent visitors from walking up to your front door. Indeed, it is Driveway Treats kit making it easy to set up for a pop-in or a drive-by event. It will make it simple for guests to grab a treat from your boo-tifully decorated table!

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Family Movie Night

Another of our alternatives to Trick or Treating is to have a family movie night! Come rain or shine it will be from the comfort of your own home. First, decide based on your family members if this is a scary movie or more of a light family movie. If you have older kids, a movie marathon of a horror series can be thrilling! Finally, pop some popcorn and have some bite sized treats and enjoy!

Host a Bonfire/Fire Pit Party

If you have a fire pit in your backyard, think about hosting a bonfire or a Halloween themed “Fire Pit Party.” If you are worried about the danger of a long stream of costumes around the fire, ask the guests to dress up in funny and strange antics. Place chairs around the fire pit and spend the evening experimenting with more aromatic ingredients. For example, try different types of chocolate. Peanut butter cups are delicious with graham crackers and marshmallows!

Plan a Family Games Night

Planning a game night is also an idea, not to mention fun! Whether your family plays regularly or only occasionally, a game night will get everyone involved. Play one type or combination of board games, card games, video games or party games. Another idea is to add a Halloween twist by dressing up or doing Halloween trivia or monster charades.

Monster Dance Party

Whether you choose a family or adult only event, a monster dance party will be fun! Invite guests to come in costume and be ready to boogie to your Halloween-inspired playlist. Hang lights around the dance floor and take turns sharing your best monster moves. Host inside your house, somewhere or under the stars and dance the night away!

Glow in the Dark Party

teen girls party ideas

A Glow In the Dark Party is another one of our Trick or Treating alternatives and is super cool! Rock neon colored clothes as you serve drinks in bright cups and snacks on colorful plates. Provide glow sticks and bracelets for your guests to wear. Glow in the dark body and face paint is a neat addition, especially if it’s part of a costume! Finally, turn off the lights and enjoy playing or dancing!

Party of Witches and Wizards

For an amazing good time, throw a Witches and Wizards party! If you are a fan of Harry Potter or Hocus Pocus, this theme will be perfect for you. Serve the punch from a cauldron and let little wizards and witches make edible potions or decorate their own pointed hats. To sum up, this party can be not only for Halloween, but any time of the year!

Backyard campout

Another idea is to host a backyard campout under the stars. Let your little ghouls and ghosts share spooky stories around the fire, or put on a shadow puppet show inside the tent. Campouts are a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors and in other words, make memories!

A new trend for Halloween is creating a Halloween Tree! If you can’t wait until the holiday season to build your tree, this will be a Halloween tradition for you! Indoors or outdoors, the Halloween Tree is a fun way to bring the magic of Halloween into your home. Check out our favorite Halloween Tree ideas here.

Things to do instead of Trick Or Treating – final note

In conclusion, there are many ways to celebrate Halloween and many ways to have fun without trick or treating! We hope our list of Trick or Treating Alternatives has given you some ideas for how you can celebrate Halloween this year. If you do just one of the above, or many, you’ll have a boo-tastic Halloween! For more inspiration, check out our various party ideas.

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