Arkansas AG again rejects ‘misleading’ abortion amendment ballot wording

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin is, for the second time, rejected the wording of a proposed constitutional amendment that would make abortion a right within the state constitution.

Last November, a non-profit called For AR People (now fraudulent charging its efforts under the moniker “Arkansans for Limited Government”), presented an amendment to Griffin, which was dismissed in a reply letter. “I must reject your popular name and ballot title due to ambiguities in the text of your proposed proposal that prevent me from ensuring that the ballot title you submit, or any ballot title I substitute, is not misleading ,” he wrote, adding that the proposed name “is tinged with partisan coloring and deception because your proposal relates only to abortion, not ‘reproductive healthcare’ in general.”


And apparently the misleading names don’t stop there, as only government limits sought by the “limited government” group are in the area of ​​”reproductive health care,” otherwise known as ensuring that preborn people can still be legally killed. The group says, “Government overreach is killing Arkansas women. The Arkansas Reproductive Healthcare Amendment, a proposed constitutional amendment currently before the Attorney General, would limit government interference in personal health care decisions health of Arkansans.”

The group’s initiative was originally called the Arkansas Reproductive Healthcare Amendment, and was renamed The Arkansas Abortion Amendment. However, Griffin argued in a new letter that the wording is still vague and confusing. Both proposals would allow abortion in cases of rape, incest, a “fatal fetal anomaly” or to protect the life or health of a pregnant woman, and it was this section that Griffin took issue with. “It refers to ‘physical health,’ not as the absence of disorder, disease, or injury, but as the presence of those things,” he wrote. “That is the opposite of the common meaning of ‘health.'”


He continued, “I think you intend this: to allow ‘abortion services’ when, among other things, they are ‘necessary to protect the pregnant woman from a physical illness’ , physical illness, or physical injury… caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself…’ But that’s not what your draft does.”

As a result, the proposed amendment was rejected, but Griffin gave them allowance to resubmit the ballot language a third time. In a statementFor AR People/Arkansans for Limited Government said it was happy to see that Griffin is “more in agreement with the proposed changes” and will work on a third proposal to be submitted soon.

If Griffin approves the third effort, organizers will need to collect 90,704 signatures by July 5th to put the language on the November ballot. Since Roe v. Wade fall in 2022, the abortion industry is pushing ballot initiatives like this one in many states, codifying the killing of preborn children as a “right” in many state constitutions.

In a previous press releaseArkansas Right to Life Executive Director Rose Mimms said the pro-abortion group’s goal is to have vague language that would allow abortion in all nine months of pregnancy.

“The broad written language is so strong that even pro-choice voters will see it as going too far,” he said. “It clearly allows abortions up until the moment of birth and mandates that even the most basic restrictions on the profit-driven abortion industry be removed. The proposed constitutional amendment is not about limited government, it is about for forcing unlimited abortion on the people of Arkansas.”

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