August 2023 Edition — Bridgetown Baby

The feeding relationship is one of the most important aspects of the early parenting experience – it can be tender and trying, frustrating and formative. Getting perspective on that journey can be healing for us as parents – and sharing some of that perspective with our children can give them a window into their own story, too.

Full of Love: A Book About How Babies Eat offers an inclusive look at feeding from infancy, including how human milk is made, breastfeeding/breastfeeding, special feeding tools, alternatives to human milk, co-feeding, caring for older adults children and by introducing solid foods. Colorful illustrations, full of movement and soothing colors, depict and celebrate families of all identities and structures – and offer toddlers and preschoolers the chance to search and find familiar objects and new.

Earned a glowing review from one of Portland’s own local nutrition experts, Dr. Bobak Ghaherithis book offers a sweet reminder that feeding, in whatever form, is an act of love.

Search Full of Love: A Book About How Babies Eat at your local library, or purchase at your local independent bookstore or online at Powell’

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