Babies Born Via Surrogacy Or Donors Are As Happy As Other Children

A recent study from the University of Cambridge looked at children conceived naturally, compared to children conceived through assisted reproduction, in an effort to see if the method of conception affected happiness. While the study was small, researchers found that a child’s happiness did not change based on the way the child was conceived.

Not only that but the whole family is just as happy, and there is no difference in the quality of the family relationship, either. This is the first study to examine the effects of assisted reproduction on the long-term happiness of children and their families, and reaches the conclusion that the most important aspect of family relationships is the desire for children, not how they are created. child.

Previous concerns about assisted reproduction revolve around the idea that parents who are not genetically related to their children, such as using a sperm donor, may not be close to those children. However, the study found that parents who were open and honest with their children about their conception from a young age had less anxiety and developed better relationships.

The children and families in this study were followed for 20 years, to allow the researchers the opportunity to collect data on how well these children handled growth into adulthood. The ability to study subjects over a long period of time offers valuable information about the quality of relationships and how families bond as children grow.

Being genetically related to another person does not guarantee acceptance, happiness, or a good relationship with that person. The study indicated that the quality of a family and the happiness found in it had nothing to do with genetic relationships. Rather, it is more affected if the people in the family are loved, cared for, and treated well by others in the family unit.

In other words, people who want to be a family often form bonds, whether they are genetically related or not. Couples worried about having genetically unrelated children may want to put those fears to rest and explore starting or expanding their families.

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