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Baby Shower Favors And Prizes

A reader sent in this question the other day: “Do you have any affordable ideas for baby shower favors and prizes that guests won’t just throw away when they get home?”

So I thought I’d put together some quick and easy ideas for making some adorable prizes for baby shower games / or baby shower favors.

And … it gave me an excuse to shop! I went to the dollar store, WalMart and Marshalls, to see what kind of affordable crafts I could make.



For a simple prize idea, bundle a cute Rae Dunn mug and put a handy Rae Dunn notepad in it. Prize winners will love this!

I found them at Marshalls for a total of $9 – not bad for a stylish baby shower prize.

Similar Reward Ideas From Marshalls

Prize Ideas From Marshalls

My go-to prize or small gift ideas include:

  • notepads
  • pen
  • candles
  • Note Card
  • mugs
  • coffee gift cards
  • bath bombs
  • fancy chocolate
Prize Ideas From Marshalls
Prize Ideas From Marshalls

Easy, DIY Baby Bottle Favor Idea

Baby shower bottle in favor of candy

These little bottles are from The Dollar Tree. I’ll admit, I’ve never really been into a big dollar store, but we only had one open 1 mile from our house, so I went in – and it was amazing!

They have cool gift boxes, party supplies, crafts, fun school supplies for kids, storage bins (I love bins!)

Anyways, I found these cute bottles, shower mints and jute/twine. All you do is pour a few mints into each bottle, tie with twine … and viola! Adorable little baby shower favors for under $2 a piece!

And don’t forget to tie a cute baby shower favor tag to each one. You can see a bunch of tags I designed, here.

Simple Baby Shower Prizes

Baby shower gift ideas that don't cost a fortune - and guests will love and use!

It’s a bit more expensive so it probably fits into the baby shower prize category, rather than handing them out to each guest as favors.

I found the mug at the dollar store – they have some cute colors. The pink shred is also from the dollar store. The nail file, nail polish, gum, face mask and chapstick are from WalMart.

The total came to about $7. Not bad for a prize for a baby shower game.

About POP Baby Shower Favors

She's about to pop a baby shower favor

I saw these PINK raspberry Cokes at the store the other day and knew they would be perfect as favors for a “She’s About To POP” themed baby shower.

If you can’t find colored Coke’s – you can always buy IZZE soda, which is great and delicious.

Add the cute “She’s About To POP” favor tags

About To Pop Baby Shower Theme Button

Another “About To POP” favor idea… printable popcorn favor tags and signs

popcorn bar sign and tags

Affordable Favor Ideas

Baby shower favor ideas and prizes - original favor ideas that guests will love and won't trash

This baby shower favor idea costs about $4.50. The eos lipbalm and face mask are both from WalMart.

The ribbon is from the dollar store – although you don’t really get a lot of ribbon on a roll – so it might be more cost effective to get it from WalMart or a craft store.

Baby Shower Favors and Prizes

Exciting baby shower favors and prize ideas!

It’s all from WalMart (except the twine.) I bought the gum in a 3 pack for $2 thing, so the total cost of the whole favor/prize was about $3 – which is great!

Add a cute favor tag to make it extra cute! Here are some FREE tags I designed. Click on the image to jump to see all the baby shower favor tags.

Cheap Baby Shower Game Prizes

Easy and inexpensive baby shower favors - candles, wax melts, nail polish, face masks and more to inspire you!

This candle is $3 at WalMart and the scented wax warmer is $2. I just peeled off the sticker on the candle to make it look better.

You can also print some baby shower labels with shower information and stick them to the candle. Or buy some cute baby-themed stickers and stick them on.

Affordable Prizes For Game Winners

Pink baby shower favors and prize ideas - guests will love this cute and affordable baby shower prize idea!

Here’s another version of a great baby shower prize idea. (I recommend using double-sided tape so that everything stays in one place and doesn’t slide.)

You can also create a prize station, like a mini ladder, where you display different baby shower prizes and let guests choose what they want.

More Favor and Prize Ideas

Baby shower favors and prizes - a stemless wine glass filled with goodies!
Stemless wine glass prize idea for baby shower or bridal shower.  Fill with goodies like paper crinkle, gum, nail polish and bath fizzies!

A simple and affordable baby shower favor idea - guests will love it - face mask, nail file, nail polish and gum!
Candle tea light holders for baby shower favors!  $1 favor idea!

This is one of my favorites! All you do is buy a cute tea light holder – it’s from The Dollar Tree, and then buy a pack of tea lights. Add a cute favor tag and you’re good to go – for about $2 tops.

tea tags

Get these printable tea light favor poems – baby shower favor tags. You can find them with me printable store.

Pink, black and white wine glasses are favored for baby showers or bridal showers

image source: unknown (if you know the source, please let me know and I’ll add it)

This wine glass favor idea goes hand in hand with the other idea – I didn’t make it – but when I saw it, I thought it was adorable – and I knew I had to share it with you!

I love the bright colors used and how beautiful and stylish it looks!


We hope you enjoy these simple ideas for baby shower favors and prizes. It sure is fun making them for you! My daughters are happy too – they have to keep all the lip balms, gums, face masks, etc. – after I capture them all!

easy baby shower favors

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