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Popular Baby Shower Food Ideas: Baby showers can be a lot of fun to plan and host, especially when thinking about all the great decoration ideas, unique favors and games to keep everyone entertained .

But let’s face it, whether we’re thinking about the mom-to-be or the guests on our list, everyone relies on food at parties so how could a baby shower be any different?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many ideas and opinions around you, but narrowing things down to what kind of menu goes with your baby shower theme, budget and your taste really helps to stay organized.

baby shower Brunch, lunch, dinner or something in between?

A baby shower menu depends largely on the time of day you plan to host your event.

These celebrations are usually held in the mid-afternoon, which means you don’t need to serve lunch or dinner and can instead offer a mix of light snacks, appetizers and desserts.

Guests still often prefer this type of setup so they can take care of the surrounding food as opposed to sitting down for the actual meal.

Having a list of baby shower food ideas will be a good start and then by looking at all the other factors, you can add and remove things from your list.

Where is the party and who is on the list?

While the location of your event may not play such a big role in determining what your baby shower food choices are, it can help determine a few things.

If your location is a home where refrigerating food or keeping it warm in the oven is an option, you can prepare things accordingly.

However, if you plan to get together with your friends and family at the park or some other outdoor venue, you may not be able to store food and will likely have it setup as soon as your event begins.

If your baby shower happens to have adults as well as children on the guest list, you’ll want to think about easier options such as finger foods and readily available appetizers versus options that might not too young.

Popular appetizers for baby showers

Keeping things simple is key. You may hear this a lot but it actually makes a difference!

Whether you’re trying to be ambitious or just determined to come up with the mama-to-be’s favorite assortment platter – come the day of your event, you might be surprised how much you have on your plate!

Chips and dip, crackers and cheese, veggie cups and a bright and beautiful fruit platter are the most popular starters you can serve at your table.

Easiest to eat and can be served in some creative ways too!

Shrimp or chicken satay skewers, hummus and pita chips as well as mini quiches are a little more work but really great options to have on your baby shower menu as well.

Baby shower food ideas: a bigger bite

baby shower food menu

While a baby shower menu may be based entirely on finger food and sweet treats, sometimes given the timing of the event, you may want to serve something a little more filling.

Pasta salads, fresh salads including deli sandwiches, cold cuts, mini sliders, wings, mini pizza bites, and various wraps are also popular fuss-free baby shower food options. .

baby shower dessert: The sweetest food

free baby shower dessert sign

The most exciting part of setting up your food table at a baby shower is the dessert section.

Cake pops that match your decor colors and mini cupcakes with baby-themed frosting are probably the safest choices you can have on your baby shower food menu.

Mini fruit tarts, truffles, brownies and a platter of cookies are sure to be hard to resist for guests at your event.

For the mom-to-be, you need to make sure that the baby shower cake is based on the flavor she likes along with agreeing with either the theme or the colors of your event.

If you yourself have a sweet tooth, you can definitely be more creative with desserts because hardly anyone can resist sweet food, and that too on such a special occasion!


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