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Baby Shower Games that are Actually Fun

You are not alone if the words awkward and confusing you think of when you think about baby shower games. When it’s your turn to host a shower, you have options that won’t make your guests cringe — no, seriously.

The activities below will help you socialize and have fun without sacrificing the cool factor of your party. All of the games on this list are perfect for a traditional baby shower or a stylish co-ed shower, and they don’t require you to spend too much time or money.

But first, some helpful dos and don’ts.


  • Keep games short and simple: If it takes more than 2 minutes to explain or more than 15 minutes to play, pass! Your visitors will lose interest.
  • Be sensitive to childless guests: If winning the game depends on knowing baby products/prices, your childless friends may feel left out.
  • Give the winner a prize! Think of little things that anyone will love: a cute mug, stationery set, or candle are good choices.
  • Have fun here! All of the games on this list have a relaxed, festive feel that allows guests to participate or pass without pressure.


  • Limit the conversation of your visitors. (I never understood that it’s not allowed to say a highly related word like “baby” at a baby shower.)
  • Have your guests consume mystery items from a diaper or drink from baby bottles.
  • Honestly, don’t force your visitors to do anything. Participation in activities and games should always be optional.

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Game #1: Name That Tune

Bring a portable speakerssave it Spotify playlist before the party, and then line it up for a fun guessing game! Play the first few seconds of each song with “baby” in the title, then give the players one minute to write the title and artist. If you don’t have access to a speaker, you can ask guests to fill in the blanks for the song titles on their game cards. Either way, you’ll have people dancing and singing the entire time.

baby shower game - night diapers

Game #2: Late-Night Diapers

The first few weeks after the baby comes home can be…intense. Getting into the groove of new activities, running on little sleep, and living in a world of all things baby is the reality of being a new parent. Set up a big stack of newborn diapers with some permanent markers and a sign instructing guests to write a funny joke or message of encouragement for anyone who is changing roles in the middle of the night.

baby book emojis

Download a printable template from AfterLunaStudio Etsy shop

Game #3: Children’s Book Emoji Pictionary

I love a game that really gets people thinking, and this one tests your shower guests’ creative abilities. Set a timer for 5–7 minutes while guests take their time translating each set of emojis into the baby or children’s book title it represents. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

baby shower instagram

Image from The Little Umbrella

Game #4: Photo Contest

Instagram hashtags make it easy to collect guest photos without having to ask — especially when you attach a prize to the best photo! Set up a sign letting visitors know that their snapshots can be turned into a winner, with instructions on how to share their photos. If you prefer to keep them off social media, add a phone number so guests can text their photos to that number. Whoever is responsible for collecting them can also set up a real-time slideshow of all the special party moments!

Game #5: Baby Animal Matching

Who doesn’t love a little trivia? This game is on-topic without being too on-the-nose and tests visitors’ knowledge of the animal kingdom. Pass out the game cards, set a timer, and see who knows which baby animal terms match their more familiar adult names before the time runs out.

face game

Photo courtesy of Ashley Roberson

Game #6: Baby Face

This game is a sure way to make everyone laugh. Before the party, print a picture of each parent-to-be’s face (enough for each guest to have one of each) and cut it into pieces that divide their features. Let guests “build” their guesses at what the baby might look like and wait for the fun to happen.

Start Planning!

Now that you know that baby shower activities can be fun, you can plan the rest of the party. Explore all the great tips and ideas on the RegistryFinder GiveIt blog, where you’ll find baby shower menus and theme inspiration, plus lots of baby gift ideas and baby registry tips. (PS, new moms, you’ll want to read this and this.)

A simple tip that works no matter the theme or style of your baby shower: direct guests to, where they can easily find all of your registries in one place! Just put it on the invitation!

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