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A baby shower is a time for a fun and relaxed celebration full of sunshine and smiles, so it makes sense that a beach theme would be perfect for it. Soft sand, fresh fruit, and the colors of the blue sea make for an authentic beach-to-baby environment.


Beach Baby Shower Invitation

A beach themed baby shower invitation should feature drawings or pictures of seashells and sand as a background. You can use soft pastel colors to evoke a calm beach atmosphere. You can also include cute illustrations of baby animals or babies wearing beach attire like sun hats and swim diapers.

Editable Beach Baby Shower Invitation Beach Sea Ocean
Bohemian ocean baby shower invitation printable
EDITABLE Surf Beach Baby Shower Invited Ocean Summer

Invitation Words and Phrases

“Life’s a Beach, and Baby Makes Three”: Use a playful and catchy phrase like this to convey the joy of the occasion.

“Seas the Day, It’s a Baby on the Way”: A play on the phrase “seize the day” adds humor to the invitation.

“Ocean of Love”: Emphasize the love for the baby in the vastness of the ocean.

“Sun, Sand, and a Little Hand”: Connect the beach with the hope of holding a newborn’s hand.

“A Little Ray of Sunshine is on the Way”: Play up the sunshine aspect, symbolizing the joy the baby will bring.

Beach Baby Shower Decorations

Decorations for this sweet baby shower should include everything that reminds guests of the beach, a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Sticking with pastel blue, sandy beige, and pops of cheerful yellow to create a welcoming atmosphere.

romantic beach themed baby shower for a baby boy
pink beach picnic baby shower

Blue and white streamers and garlands of seashells will look gorgeous, while the music of ocean sounds playing in the background makes for the most beautiful atmosphere. A soft sea blue tablecloth with a satin white runner is also a nice touch to the beach decor.

baby on board treats and cake

Remember, this is about the baby coming, so feel free to incorporate all things baby into the party scheme. Think adorable baby fish, seals, mermaids, and seahorses.

Fishnet Draping Decoration

Hang fishnets on the walls and decorate them with seashells, starfish, and twinkling lights for the shore.

Beach Themed Balloon Arch

Create an arch at the entrance and behind the main dessert table using pastel blue and white balloons. It adds a nice touch and sets the tone for a beach celebration.

Beach themed chair sign

Make the mommy-to-be extra special by making a printable chair sign. It can add a personalized and decorative touch to the celebration.

Event Planning Details

Beach Themed Table Centerpieces

Centerpieces for the tables can be as simple as a flower arrangement using wooden vases filled with soft blue flowers with white babies’ breath or for a more fresh and bright that look, you might want to go for yellow sunflowers.


Another table centerpiece idea is to fill a shallow bowl with water, place floating candles inside, and add small seashells or flowers for a serene and elegant centerpiece.

Beach Baby Shower Food

fun ocean themed food label ideas

Have fun with food at your baby shower, and start with a cute event cake. A small ombre cake in baby blue is perfect for either gender for the baby. Top it off with a baby and top it off a surfboard for cuteness factor overload.

beach baby shower cake with baby doll
Miss Party Mom Event Planning
sand castle baby shower cake
adorable beach ocean themed sugar cookies baby onesie

Cupcakes with edible seashell and seahorse fondant garnish, cakepops, and seashell-shaped sugar cookies neatly topped edible sand all really fun themed fare that guests will love. You can ice them with pastel colors and edible glitter for a touch of beauty

Sea Beach Baby Shower cookies in edible sand
Wonderland event.
dreamy beach vibe baby shower

Snacks like goldfish crackers, Swedish fish gummies, and finger sandwiches with fresh, light ingredients like cucumbers and ranch dressing are wonderful for hot weather. Frozen drinks with a nice umbrella straw should also be on the menu, as they will be popular.

Beach Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Baby Shower Favors can be as simple as mini sunscreen, beach towels, seashell-shaped soaps, scrunchies, and lipbalm.


You can also wrap a variety of delicious treats with impressive detail such as anchor cookies, raspberry-filled chocolates, or fish-shaped rice crispy treats.

vintage beach baby shower cookies
Miss Party Mom Event Planning

Beach Baby Shower Games and Activities

Engaging and entertaining games can add to the fun of a beach-themed baby shower. Tailor the games to the preferences of the mommy-to-be and the guests. Include elements of fun, laughter, and beach vibes for an unforgettable and enjoyable baby shower.

Message in a Bottle Advice

Have guests write parenting advice or greetings on small pieces of paper and place them in a decorative “message in a bottle.” The mommy-to-be can read these messages later for a touching feeling.

Sand Art Station

Set up a sand art station where guests can create colorful sand art as a fun and interactive activity.

Some Shells

Prepare a jar full of seashells and ask guests to guess how many they think are in the jar. The person with the closest guess without going over wins a prize.

guess how many shells are in the jar
guess how many shells

Lifesaver Relay Race

Create a relay race where guests carry lifesavers in a spoon and pass them to the next teammate. The team that completes the relay first wins a prize.

Bingo with a beach theme

Create bingo cards featuring beach-related items such as seashells, flip-flops, beach balls, and sunscreen. As the host calls out the items, the guests mark them on their cards. The first to get a line or a full card shouts “Beach Bingo!”


Beach Party Collection

Beautiful Beach themed baby shower events by so many amazing event planners! You’ll find the planner’s name below each photo. I hope you get some inspiration.

fun beach themed baby shower dessert table
luxury picnic style beach baby shower table setup
ocean waves and baby feet print sugar cookies
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adorable sunshine and ocean themed cupcake toppers
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beautiful nautical beach baby shower tablescape
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Baby On Board beach baby shower decorations
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Beachy ombre buttercream cake and cookies
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