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Bear Baby Shower – Cute Baby Boy Baby Shower Ideas

This Bear Baby Shower by Artsy Party Styling is so cute and original!

With shades of blue everywhere, this Bear Baby Shower is the perfect theme for a baby boy. The metallic balloons mixed in add a nice contrast and having so many things creates a nice quirky backdrop.

I love all the bears in the decor and the treats but the bear cake with the hot air balloons is one of my favorite parts. Bear cupcake toppers are a wonderful addition to this theme as well, they look just like teddy bears!

This theme uses all the ‘B’s for blue, bears, and balloons and they go together so well in this Bear Baby Shower.

bear baby shower cookies

Party type: Bear Baby Shower Party

Color Scheme: Rely primarily on shades of blue but add white and gold for contrasting pops of interest.

Favorite decor ideas:

  • I love balloons everywhere. From floor to ceiling, they want you to party!
  • Also, the balloons and clouds of hot hair used in the backdrop match the food boxes.
  • The main bear as a focal point with the baby’s name is a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Having different styles of bears in all the treats is so cute.
  • Using simple wood blocks, stands and pots make all the treats and decorations shine.
  • Finally, simple white flowers add a soft and lovely touch to the wood.
baby bear baby shower party ideas

Great meal ideas:

  • The cake appears in the shape of bear heads.
  • Using bears as cupcake toppers and as shapes for cookies.
  • A showstopping cake that brings all the elements of the theme together.
bear baby shower cupcakes

Theme tips:

  • First, use shades of blue throughout the decor and add splashes of white and gold.
  • Also, use wood and white for all your trays, frames, and pots to let the theme shine through.
  • Next, Use floor-to-ceiling balloons to make you feel like you’re in heaven in a hot air balloon.
  • Finally, use bear-shaped treats and a cake that combines bears, wolves, and the color blue.
bear baby shower for baby boy

thank you for Artsy Party Styling for this cute Baby Shower Party!

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