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Bee Baby Shower Ideas – Throw a Mama to Bee Baby Shower

Honey Bee Baby Shower Ideas

“Mama Bee”, “What will Baby Bee be?” o “mommy to be” is a very cute theme for a Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party. Join the Honey Bee Baby Shower if you’re not revealing your Baby’s gender, or What the Baby Will Be if you are!

Of course, the Honey Bee Baby Shower is the perfect Baby Shower theme for a Spring, Easter or Summer Baby Shower Party.

Why Bee Baby Shower is a great theme!

A yellow and black Bee themed Baby Shower is a great Baby Shower theme especially if you don’t know the gender of your Baby. The yellow color scheme works perfectly for a gender-neutral Baby Shower.

Not only that but it’s a great theme especially for a Spring, Easter or Summer Baby Shower. Plus if you can host it outside, it really lives!

What a Baby Bee is also a great Gender Reveal Party theme and a great alternative to the traditional pink or blue Gender Reveal.

Just follow our guide to plan the perfect What Will Baby Be Baby Shower.

Bee Baby Shower Stationery

It’s so easy to set the scene for your Bee Baby Shower with our Bee Baby Shower Printable Set. Just download and print at home or at your local print shop, and you’ll have everything you need for the perfect Bee-themed Shower.

Bee Baby Shower Decorations

Now, this is the perfect theme to add a little rustic charm to soften the yellow and black theme. Some softer shades of beige and brown help create more of a simple Honeybee Baby Shower vibe.

Linen or hessian makes a beautiful table cover or backdrop and works beautifully next to shades of yellow.

bee baby shower bunting

My favorite Bee decor ideas include:

  • The arch of the balloon in the colors of yellow and black
  • Also add hessian bunting
  • Add touches of gold for glamour
  • Any hexagonal ornament works well
  • Jars of yellow and white flowers
  • Meanwhile, add sunflowers, daisies, and plants with leafy branches

Baby Shower Food With A Bee Theme

bee baby shower cookies

Continue the honey theme with the food choices but in a stylish way. My favorite is a nice cheese and meat platter, with honey as one of the condiments.

honey bee baby shower
honey cake ideas

If you want to make your own cake, classic Honey Cake Is appropriate. This gorgeous recipe is for the most decadent Russian Honey cake complete with 8 mouth-watering layers.

Signature Mocktail

This Honey and Citrus Fizz A mocktail makes the perfect non-alcoholic drink for this Baby Shower theme. Just serve in mason jars for a rustic feel or champagne glasses for a more formal vibe.

honey citrus fizz

Baby Shower Games

mom to bee baby shower

What’s in the Bee Hive?

For this easy DIY shower game, first find a hexagon-shaped cardboard box. Then use a black marker to draw little bees on it to create your “beehive”. Next, fill the beehive with 8 to 10 baby goodies like a bottle, onesie, diaper cream, and hairbrush. Visitors should take turns trying to identify as many objects inside as they can by just touching, (not looking) and writing them down. Once everyone has had a chance, compare the lists to see who identified the most correctly. When the game is over, Mama will leave with all the goodies.

How big is Mommy’s tummy?

Test your guests’ guessing skills with this fun guessing game. First, using string, ribbon, or even toilet paper, have each shower guest measure the circumference of the expectant mother’s baby bump and cut a piece of string (or ribbon or toilet paper) that wraps around her belly. . Then, whoever gets the closest wins.

What will the Baby be?

Just use our Baby Predictions Card from our Baby Shower Bundle to know your Visitors’ prediction about your Baby’s vital statistics!

baby guessing game

Baby Shower Favors With A Bee Theme

honey soaps

Finally, these gorgeous honey soaps make the perfect favor for a What will Baby Be Baby Shower. At under $2 a bar, they’re also a great value.

Dress code

floral dress


Anything floral works beautifully for this theme. Depending on the time of year, floral dresses are my favorite option.

Of course, you can still go a step further and suggest flower headbands. Check out our easy tutorial here.

So there you have it, all you need to know about hosting a bee themed Baby Shower! We hope this has inspired you, and please check out our Baby Shower pages for more ideas.

For more great inspiration check out our Bee Baby Shower Pinterest Board.

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