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Best Baby Picks 2023 – baby gift giving favorites

Here are my favorite and best baby picks for 2023.

These are my special picks for you if you are looking for innovative gifts but if you are looking for “best practice gifts”.

Welcome! A new baby is in the house ❤️

This section is updated regularly and I share my personal favorites when invited to a baby shower or looking for a newborn gift these days.

As you already know, I am a mother of 3 and I have a big family. In addition, I have been continuously researching baby products for over 15 years now. I’m telling you what a new mother and a new family really need and enjoy.

Use my best baby picks for gift giving, whether you’re expecting to list them on your baby registry or give yourself a treat and buy them for your own baby and family.

One of my favorite baby picks right now.

So cute for a baby shower!


Best Baby Picks
Something Cute and Relaxing:
Blooming Baby Bath

This baby product is a classic. Think of all the cute baby bath photos you can take with this one! Although, I have to admit, this is not the actual purpose of the Blooming Bath flower 😉

Blooming Bath has 5 spring-like colors such as pink, yellow, green, turquoise and ivory. Very easy to use, machine washable and tossed in your dryer.


The days where bath time meant tears and crying are over for sure with the fun Blooming Bath Baby Bath!

The Blooming Bath has been around for several years and is as popular as ever. Among others, a few years ago the yellow Blooming Bath was chosen as the ‘What To Expect Moms Love-It Award winner’ in the bathing category. It was also featured on the Ellen Show as well as the Today Show. And it is definitely still a best baby pick for now.

Something Practical and Modern:
Help Mommy Organize Baby’s Keepsakes

I am really ashamed to admit that memories of my children are found all over the place. And unfortunately, after a few years, I didn’t know whose child they really were with some of them. It’s a shame!

So help the new family get it right from the start. Because…, if I had cool, modern and above all convenient memory boxes, I would be better off now. These colorful boxes make saving baby memories easy and simple and they look great on your living room shelf or in baby’s nursery. They include over 50 handy labels, 9 small drawers, 8 files, initials for personalization, envelopes (US letter size only, not suitable for A dimension) and a survey on the birthday. Keepsake boxes are definitely a great gift for every new mom, a cool baby shower gift, and definitely a best baby pick! They are also a great gift idea for a second or third baby or even twins. They come in 3 colors: ocean, plum and slate.


Something Luxurious and Expensive:
A Designer Baby Outfit Or Designer Baby Gear

Talking about myself there are things I really like but I’d never buy because they are too expensive or more expensive than the ‘ordinary’ item. Also if it’s clothing, babies and toddlers outgrow them quickly. But if someone gave them as a gift to me, I’d be happier!

And with so many things to buy for a new addition to the family, often only the basic versions are affordable.

So how about donating some designer clothes for the little one like Armani, Boss, DKNY, Stella McCartney, Kenzo, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Moschino, Burberry, Young Versace, just to name a few some. I also love the exclusive Steiff Baby & Toddler Clothing Line with cute little plush bears.

a blue and white baby hat with the iconic Steiff teddy bear logocute Steiff baby hat

Designer baby gear is a bit more expensive, also depending on the product or gear you choose.

And if you still can’t decide what to give, how about a gift card to a high-end baby store? Another advantage of giving a gift card is the freedom to choose any amount you want.

More luxury and expensive gift ideas for a newcomer.

Something Useful and Stylish:
Organic Drool Bibs

If you or the presentee has a baby like me who constantly drools teething or not, a pack – or even better two packs – of burp cloths would be a really useful gift. The days where the little one’s chest and shirt front are always wet are a thing of the past! And a drool bibs set is just the thing to prevent this from happening.

The best drool bibs should be easily adjustable, soft and made of an organic, absorbent fabric rather than plastic. Since drooling babies will wear them all the time, it’s nice if they not only cover the baby’s clothes but if they are a fashionable accessoire. These 100% organic cotton bibs come in sets of 8 and various colors as well as designs. So cute!


My favorite designs for girls are definitely the ones with lots of floral patterns and polka dots in different colors.

For more information and many attractive amazon reviews click the image.

More Best Baby Picks 2023

Something Classic, Vintage, and Fun:
Wooden Blocks

Check out our beautiful wood blocks! They are not gifts but I bought them myself. And I don’t regret buying them. We have been using them for over 12 years. I love the colorful handmade blocks, the carved letters with fancy scroll borders, the ink drawings and the vintage design. But the best part is that even after all these years my kids still love to play with them!

wooden baby blocks, printed in old fashioned style, showing letters and animals, some spelling "baby"Vintage Wooden Blocks

Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks are a really great baby shower gift. Even if a newborn can’t really play with them yet, one can use the blocks to make and create great memories with the baby while still small. These colorful blocks are so cute in a newborn photo and you can write things like baby’s name, baby’s monogram and ‘welcome’ with the blocks. These are also cute to use for the age of the baby in the picture like 1 month, 2 months, etc. Because the blocks are not small objects and are printed with non-toxic, lead-free child-safe inks, the baby cannot be hurt by them, even though the edges may be quite sharp. in the beginning.

When the baby is a toddler, he can use the blocks to stack them and knock them down, to build towers as high as they get. They also help kindergarten and preschoolers become familiar with numbers and letters. This is truly a gift that will last forever.

What I also really appreciate about Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks is that they are handmade in the USA! They come in different packages. Whether you choose the ones in the carton, the one in the canvas bag or the one with the pull wagon (= so much fun!) is up to you.


More wooden blocks: Here are blocks of another kind! These wooden baby milestone blocks are the cutest. Use them as age photo props for your baby photography or as a nursery decor. For sure, these are great (baby shower) gifts!


Something Funny, Personalized or Inspirational: Check out Zazzle

You name it – Zazzle’s got it! Browse Zazzle for great newborn gift ideas and the best baby picks! They have cute baby onesies with funny or inspiring sayings, baby shirts with Disney prints, personalized pacifiers, baby blankets, diaper covers – you can get it all there.

Zazzle offers many customizable items so how about a baby pillow with baby’s birth details or an inspirational newborn quote on canvas for a little one’s nursery? My personal favorite is a pink or blue onesie or romper with ‘Cutest baby 2023’ or ‘Best Baby Gift 2023’ printed on it!

You can start from scratch and design your own or get a ready-made design, like the one below that I designed myself. Just personalize it with the baby’s name and/or other details.

Zazzle is available worldwide, check it out.

Know a great baby pick that absolutely needs to go on this list? Let me know so I can spread the word to all the new moms out there and people looking for 2023 top baby gifts! Thank you

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