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Best Baby Shower Gifts – Original Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for the best baby shower gifts, you’ve come to the right place! These are our top 10 best baby shower gift ideas for the soon-to-be mommy in your life.

Expectant parents know they are sleep deprived, but they may not know the full extent of it and how running on such little sleep can affect them! Soothing sound makers are a great item to help your newborn sleep better. White noise can help drown out household sounds when Baby is sleeping as well as ambient noises. There is nothing more annoying than your neighbor mowing their lawn just as you are putting your baby to sleep! This is our favorite, with 24 sound options. The wood grain design makes it perfect to fit any Nursery color scheme. One of the best baby shower gifts around!

best baby shower gifts

The gorgeous soft jersey sheet featuring the sweetest quotes about Babyhood. The neutral color scheme will work well in any nursery. This beautiful sheet set will be appreciated by parents and is super soft on Baby’s skin. Ours just softens while washing it. Lovely!

best baby shower gifts

Show the new mom some love with this useful and luxurious kit! Contains 6 goodies every pregnant Mama will love:

  • Pearhead Sonogram Frame : This photo frame is a great way to display your sonogram–the day you first saw the love of your life!
  • Glow 9 Organics Relax Bath Soak: Made with safe and organic essential oils as well as a special salt blend to relieve inflammation, this pregnancy bath will have you ready for bed in no time!
  • BumpLife Sleep Mask : Because when mom needs her beauty sleep, this light, satin sleep mask will remind everyone that she slept for two…so shh!
  • Glow 9 Organics Belly Butter : This belly butter is the safe stretchmark solution you’ve been looking for! Intended to promote skin elasticity, Glow 9 Organic’s belly butter prevents stretch marks, relieves itching, and is fragrance-free for odor sensitivities!
  • Momosas Recipe Book: Sometimes a mama just needs a drink! This book is full of delicious mocktail recipes, safe for pregnant moms to drink all 9 months!

door muffler

When you do your best NOT to wake the baby, these door locks Will help. Allows you to check on your sleeping baby without the door making noise, it’s a lifesaver in our house! A practical Baby Shower Gift that new parents will love!

mother earth

Most baby shower gifts are for the baby, so why not get mom a little something for herself? The products in it Earth Mama recovery kit will help her feel herself after the baby is born.

baby footprint kit baby footprint kit

This very cute kit not only allows you to capture your Baby’s footprint, but also add your Baby’s name and date of birth, creating a personalized memory. With the clean touch ink pad (included) you can take your baby’s foot print in a safe and clean way. For a unique Baby Shower Gift, this is one of our favorites!

best baby shower gifts

Featuring a beautiful quote about appreciating childhood, this beautiful light muslin sheet makes an original and truly special baby gift. And it all comes packaged in a beautiful gift box so it’s ready to give.

as you grow

As You Grow Up is a modern take on the traditional memory book. A simple black and white design and specially written to fit every type of family, you can fill it with precious memories of your child from birth to age 5. Gorgeous!

closet dividers

Okay let’s face it, shopping for baby clothes is a lot of fun! But this usually means new moms end up with tons of clothes. Help him keep everything in order with them super cute closet dividerswhich keeps baby clothes separated by age/size.

do not knock sign

This is a great baby shower gift for families with dogs. We all know the scenario… baby has fallen asleep, there is a knock on the door, the dog is barking and the baby is crying! And so you start again! This funny sign families with dogs welcome!

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