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Best Diaper Raffle Prizes that Your Guests Will Definitely Want

If you are planning a Diaper Raffle, of course you will need some Diaper Raffle prizes. But what makes a great Diaper Raffle prize? Read on for our best Diaper Raffle prizes!

What is the Diaper Raffle?

The diaper raffle is a classic game that can be held at a Baby Shower or even a Gender Reveal party.

In a diaper raffle, guests are required to bring diapers to be entered into a prize drawing during the event.

It’s simple to set up and fun to play.

Plus, it’s a great way to give new parents something they’ll use and appreciate–diapers!

So, if you’re looking for answers about how to host a diaper raffle, keep browsing!

How Does the Baby Diaper Raffle Work?

It’s quite simple!

On your Baby Shower invitations, explain that you’re having a Diaper Raffle and that entrants must bring a package of diapers. See more in this post about Diaper Raffle wording ideas and how to explain it to your guests.

Guests who bring diapers will receive a diaper raffle ticket.

Give them a sneak peek at the gifts you’ll be giving them to get them even more involved and excited by showing them at a diaper raffle table.

Finally, you can start drawing names randomly to select the winners. Prizes will be awarded to the winning names!

How to explain a Diaper Raffle to your guests

Think of catchy or matching wording for your invitation. See our post on Diaper Raffle wording ideas for examples.

You can also include a specific type of diaper you like, your brand preference or a variety of sizes that would be useful, from newborn diapers to larger ones to keep for a few months.

Do you want to try disposable diapers, cloth diapers, or both?

If you have a specific brand in mind, you may want to note it on the Baby Shower invitation so guests know your preference.

As a sneak peek, you can include sample prizes, how many prizes they can win, etc., to further entice them.

Here are some sample diaper raffle invitations:

diaper raffle

Pro Tip: It’s a good idea to mention sample prizes to encourage your visitors to participate.

Are you struggling to organize the perfect diaper raffle prize ideas for your guests?

Here are some tips:

  • You have the option of giving a grand prize, a minor prize, and even a consolation prize, depending on your preference.
  • Choose appropriate prizes for both boys and girls to guarantee that everyone can have an interest (if you’re having a co-ed Baby Shower, that is!).
  • Consider your guests. Pick something uplifting and encourage them to bring a pack of diapers.
  • Think of prizes that will be useful and memorable.

Best Diaper Raffle Prize Ideas Your Guests Are Sure to Love

The suggested prizes are divided into three categories: Grand, minor and consolation prizes, all of which your baby shower guests will no doubt love.

Consolation Prizes For Diaper Raffle

Mini Favors

Who said favors are only for Weddings!

You can give favors as a reward, and people will always be happy.

You can express your love to the participants, even in small ways.

So what kind of favors make a good Diaper Raffle prize?

There are various goodies that you can use as favors. Here are some of our favorite Diaper Raffle mini prizes below:

ideas for diaper raffle prizes

If your guests are of legal age, you can include mini cocktails in your loot bags.

candy for the diaper raffle prize

Sweets are a popular way to win people’s hearts.

prize ideas for diaper raffle

Make some bath bombs for your guests to make it more memorable.

baby shower chocolates for the diaper raffle

These sweet Baby chocolates make a perfect consolation prize.

consolation prizes for the diaper raffle

A scented body lotion is a must.

Diaper raffle prize ideas

If you’re not sure what your guests need, hand cream is always a safe bet.

ideas for loot bags for the diaper raffle

Take care of the environment as you take care of your guests.

keychain for diaper raffle prize

Create a personalized thank you keychain to remind them of the event.

notebooks for diaper raffle prizes

Everyone appreciates stationery items. Try taking a pen and notebook with you.

candles for diaper raffle prizes

Everyone loves candles. Buy them or try making your own.

  • Soaps are useful and always welcome.
  • Cookies are another great idea for a consolation prize.

Minor Prizes For Diaper Raffle

Gift Cards and Vouchers

Gift cards are the most important and valuable rewards you can offer. This is the most effective way to encourage and motivate participants to join your game.

Getting someone a gift card is always a smart choice!

Here are some gift cards or vouchers you can consider for your diaper raffle prizes.

This is a perfect gift card for every family. Complete their grocery shopping experience with this prize.

A spa gift card is essential for individuals who want to relax after your celebration.

Another fun idea is movie tickets at your local movie theater.


Besides buying prizes, you can consider adding your personal touch to your prizes. Personalized raffle prizes are beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and memorable.

Here is a selection of personalized diaper raffle prizes to consider:

Personalized Raffle Prizes

personalized candles for the diaper raffle

Pro tip: Choose an alluring and soothing aroma that will make anyone fall in love with it.


Personalized Wine

personalized baby shower wine labels

Personalize your wines to make them more memorable and enjoyable with these personalized Baby Shower labels.

Baby Succulents

watch me plant succulents

Succulents are a great choice because they can bring wealth, prosperity, and luck. Add them cute personalized sticks to mini succulents for a sweet Diaper Raffle gift idea.

Grand Prizes For A Diaper Raffle


Usually there is a big diaper raffle with winners. And you need a good prize idea for this one!

If you’re on a budget, try to get affordable home furnishings that your guests are sure to love.

popcorn maker for diaper raffle prize

Give them a popcorn maker to make their movie and popcorn bonding more special.

air fryer for the diaper raffle prize

With the air fryer, you can change their cooking skills to a healthier one.

waffle maker for diaper raffle

A waffle maker is one of the best options if you have guests who are big fans of waffles.

beautiful wine glasses for baby shower

Make their wine session special by pairing it with lovely wine glasses.


Gift baskets or boxes are a game-changer because people can customize and choose a wide selection of items to include. Plus, you can create a gift basket or box on a budget.

Here are some diaper raffle prize-worthy themed gift boxes or baskets.

cheese and meat basket for the diaper raffle

Everyone loves a gift of cheese and meat and this one is a great idea because it contains all the extras you need for that grazing platter!

coffee gift basket

The ultimate addiction is coffee. This basket is great for your coffee-loving guests.

spa gift basket for diaper raffle prize

This spa box sure to please all your guests.

How many prizes do you need for a Diaper Raffle?

The number of prizes you will need for a diaper raffle will depend on the number of guests you will have at your Baby Shower. If you are hosting a small shower, then 2-3 smaller prizes and one big prize is perfect. If you are hosting a large Baby Shower, you may want 5-6 smaller prizes and one big prize. Remember you can always include consolation prizes. And the more prizes you have, the more tickets your guests will want to collect so they’ll bring you more diapers!

How much should the diaper raffle prize be?

The Diaper Raffle grand prize must be at least the value of a box of diapers of $50. Of course, you can include higher value prizes to entice people to come in with multiple boxes of diapers to win more raffle tickets!

Best Diaper Raffle Prizes Final Note

If you are planning a Diaper Raffle, then this should have given you plenty of ideas for the best diaper raffle prizes. Remember, have a range of prizes on offer and consider what your guests want before you buy your prizes.

For more on planning the Diaper Raffle, read our post here.

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