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Best First Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrating your child’s first birthday is an important milestone. And there are so many sweet First Birthday party ideas to choose from. Planning your baby’s First Birthday is a lot of fun, it’s a big milestone in their childhood. A first birthday is a great time to start some meaningful birthday traditionsand of course a chance to celebrate!

How to plan a Baby’s First Birthday Party

There are definitely a few things to consider when planning your baby’s first birthday party. Bedtime is a big time. Remember, your child will probably still be napping during the day so plan the party celebrations around this. Check out our How To Plan A First Birthday Party post for all the ins and outs of planning your baby’s First Birthday, such as what time of day and week to hold the baby’s First Birthday party, who needs to be invited and of course, what food will be served.

Now, let’s find out some great First Birthday Party ideas and themes!

The Best First Birthday Party Ideas

Choosing a theme for your baby’s first birthday is a great idea and really helps pull the party together. Some ideas on how to choose a theme might include:

  • The theme of your baby’s nursery. Does the nursery have a color theme or character theme that you want to continue with the First Birthday party?
  • The theme of your Baby Shower, or birth announcement cards can be brought to your baby’s first birthday.
  • A favorite character or toy of your Baby, for example Peter Rabbit.

Original First Birthday Party Themes

If you want to do something a little different then read on for our fun and creative baby first birthday themes.

Circus themed First Birthday Party

For a brightly colored first birthday theme for boys or girls, check out this adorable circus theme by Festival PR. From tiny hats to adorable elephants, your baby is sure to love this show that will knock the socks off your guests.

This theme also works as a First Birthday theme for twins.

Wild One themed First Birthday Party

Our next idea for a First Birthday party is to go wild with wild things. We’re talking about a Wild One’s first birthday party. And this one from From The Heart Events is styled to perfection!

Alice in Wonderland

This adorable First Birthday theme is a child-friendly, grown-up tea party. We love gorgeous quirky looks, from the showstopper cake to the fake grass on the table. Think mismatched teacups filled with flowers, teapots and of course, the famous eat me biscuits! Don’t forget playing cards and mismatched balloons. Styled by Flour & Flowers by MKwe love quirky touches!

Teddy Bear themed First Birthday Party

Our next adorable idea for a first birthday party is a teddy bear theme. Keep it cute and cuddly with soft browns, creams and golds. Babies and toddlers will love it!

Boss Baby’s First Birthday Party

Boss Baby is a great party theme for a baby’s first birthday! If Boss Baby ring themes ring true in your house, you should consider this first birthday party idea!

Aloha First Birthday Party

The next theme in the first list of birthday party ideas, styled by Hello Pretty Events, is perfect for summer. You want balloons and cocktail umbrellas with some beautiful tropical bouquets. Keep the color scheme bright and cheerful and you can go easy on the decor. If you want a budget version, just print out surfboards, pineapple tops, and palm tree leaves and sprinkle them in strategic places.

First Trip Around the Sun First Birthday Party

A First Trip Round The Sun party is a great 1st party theme for a boy or girl. Go for a space and moon theme and style with your favorite colors.

Disney themed First Birthday Party

If your baby (or you!) has a particular Disney favorite, why not make that your first birthday theme idea. Snow White’s gorgeous set up is super cute or maybe the Lion King is more your thing!

Little Prince First Birthday Party

identifying the person who took the photo Happy World Party Rentals

Next up in our unique first birthday party theme is pretty regal! Celebrate the little prince in your life with a Little Prince first birthday party! This super cute theme puts your baby boy at the center of the theme!

Mermaid First Birthday Party

Everything is better under the sea! That’s the idea of ​​our next first birthday party theme. Blue fabric backgrounds with seashells, paper, choose or buy, it’s up to you. Ice your cupcakes just right and stack them in towers and you have a coral reef effect that uses food as a feature. Stick one or two on the sticks and bingo!

Dinosaur Theme First Birthday Party

If your baby boy or girl loves dinosaurs, then a Dinosaur Roar first birthday party is a fun idea. Cute baby dinosaurs keep this party theme sweet for little ones!

Pretty As A Princess First Birthday

We’re not sure if it’s the princess theme or the pink and cool color scheme that wows us here! It’s simple and chic, perfect for something that won’t overwhelm your baby but still delights him and your guests. Pink tablecloths and gold balloons with gold glitter and party hats used as centerpieces give a great feel to the first birthday party.

It’s fun to be One Train Party

A teddy train! Isn’t this first birthday party idea the cutest?! The theme of Dazzling Parties, is simple, the trains are full of teddies. Keep the color scheme simple and muted and decorate with trains full of teddies! If you carve your vegetables on the trains and fill the train cars with food, you have a great decoration there.

First Birthday of the Whole Llama

This Llama first birthday theme is trendy and super cute. Get beautiful pastel shades and cute llamas to make babies smile!

Bright and Bold Tea Party

Babies love bright colors so this first birthday theme will really make them happy! Decorate with lanterns and hanging flowers to really bring this theme to life.

One In A Melon Watermelon Themed First Birthday

Another cute first birthday party idea is this watermelon theme! Use healthy baby party food to match the theme.

Safari themed First Birthday Party

This is her first birthday party Popping Party Events is about friends in the jungle. Add a sweet and child friendly touch by placing as many stuffed toy animals as possible. Coconut cups would work well here and if you’re going to custom order food, go for the jungle animals.

Sweet One Party

Sweet One is an adorable first birthday party theme! This beautiful set up has a lemonade theme, but you can style it in so many ways!

Some Bunny is One!

So the theme of this first birthday party is bunny rabbits and all the sweetness and cheer they bring. Choose your own color scheme to fit your child.

Minions First Birthday Party

If your baby loves these little yellow creatures, a Minions first birthday could be a fun idea!

Woodland Animals First Birthday

Our next First Birthday party theme idea is a whimsical woodland wonderfest. Baby animals and wooden signs with forest style wild garlands and mushroom themed cupcakes. Adorable bunnies and foxes fly around the room either in the form of cutouts or in the form of custom cookies.

First Birthday Party with a travel theme

Our next entry for First Birthday Party themes is a travel theme. Airplanes and hot air balloons make up sweet first birthday ideas.

Boho Rainbows First Birthday Party

Another sweet idea for a baby’s first birthday is a rainbow theme. You can go bold and bright with traditional rainbow colors, or go pastel like this great idea.

First Birthday Party Activities

If you’re looking for suitable activities for the party, including how to keep your beloved child busy while the adults are entertained, you’ll find everything you need to know in our post, What to do at a first birthday party baby Bubbles are always heaps of fun with babies, as are balloons! Have plenty of healthy snacks to keep those little tummies full and consider mini birthday cakes that are easy to manage for the kids.

If you are planning a First Birthday party, you might consider a Smash Cake or a First Birthday time capsule. Or if you’re planning a First Birthday for twins, we’ve got tons of ideas!

First Birthday Party Ideas Final Note

So we hope you’ve been inspired by our list of First Birthday Party Themes. We want to see what you think! Your child’s first birthday party is always an opportunity to unleash your creativity and get in touch with the artistic side of your soul. Celebrating your baby’s first year is a special time and we hope this has given you lots of ideas.

Of course, everyone having a good time is our top priority and that’s why you need to choose something that suits you and your family. If you’re looking for more information on planning a first birthday party, check out this post right here, and remember, the most important thing – is to have fun!

And for the Ultimate List of 150 Party Themes, check out this post!

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