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Boho Baby Shower Picnic – Pretty Boho themed Baby Shower

This elegant yet playful Boho Baby Shower Picnic by Carnival Creations is beautiful!

The color scheme for this Boho Baby Shower Picnic is lovely dusty and muted tones but with so many different shades it looks so vibrant and delicious. It’s a beautiful and sophisticated theme with the color palette, high tea style treats, and refined table settings. But also make it playful with a cushioned floor chair and bright balloons.

Of course, this Boho Baby Shower is perfect to celebrate a baby girl and reminds me of the most wonderful tea party we could imagine as kids. Also, I love that it is styled for the guest to really enjoy as adults while having a fun and relaxing picnic.

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Party type: Boho Baby Shower

Color Scheme: Soft muted tones mostly pink and peach.

Favorite decor ideas:

  • We love beautiful flower bouquets by the table for punches of color.
  • Also, mismatched tea cups are brought together by matching plates.
  • Next, soft rugs and cushions for comfortable seating on the floor.
  • High tea style serving trays to display all the treats and add height to the table.
  • Colorful balloon arch by @frankieandevedesigns for a pop of color.
  • Additionally, candle lighting on the table for added ambiance.

grazing table

Great meal ideas:

  • Small gifts in tea cups, this is by @rosemartinecreative
  • Different finger sandwiches.
  • Cookies, it’s from @perthcookieco
  • Food board with finger foods like fruit and crackers with spreads.

boho baby shower food

Theme tips:

  • First, keep the color scheme muted for a soft and sophisticated feel.
  • Also, use plenty of pillows and rugs to keep guests comfortable during the picnic.
  • Plus, for a tea party, use teacups with saucers, multi-level serving trays, and wine glasses.
  • Finally, make all meals easy to eat without cutlery.

And thank you for Carnival Creations for this beautiful stunning party set up! After all, every detail for this Boho Baby Shower is gorgeous!

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