Brave Like Mary

You helped Calista choose LIFE… even without her “Joseph”.

Church bells for Christmas filled the crisp air with warm sounds echoing down Main Street. I feel like the whole town is dressed in winter greens and twinkling lights. Calista* stood in front of the nativity of the church, taking a long breath of steam through her nose as she drank it all in. When he opened his eyes, they stared at the figure of Mary.

Calista — Cal to her friends — felt she had something in common with Mary: she did not plan for the baby growing in her womb. Cal could understand the confusion and excitement Mary felt. But, unlike Mary, Cal doesn’t have Joseph to be her husband and father to the baby growing inside her.

Cal placed his hands on his growing belly. Being alone was one of the reasons she seriously considered an abortion… and she nearly went through with it. When he hesitated, he found it Pregnancy Decision Line—a service funded entirely by your donations—and called. The hotline coach responded with interest when Cal spoke about his faith, and asked him what he thought God wanted him to do about the pregnancy. Cal believes in God… but he doesn’t feel comfortable talking about what God thinks of the baby, so Cal changes the subject.

You Helped Prepare Cal’s Heart for Change

Although the conversation did not immediately change her mind, she began to wonder if abortion was the right thing to do. Maybe wrestling with what the coach told him prepared Cal for his dream. He woke up that morning, and the dream felt different. He still gets chills thinking about it.

That dream pushed him to choose life for his little son. He felt that God was speaking to him.

Cal continues to go to the pregnancy center the coach mentioned when he called Cal. On the way, the young mother remembered how God spoke to Joseph in a dream to take Mary as his wife and become an earthly father of Jesus. Raising a child that wasn’t his wasn’t something Joseph planned either. Maybe Cal can relate to Joseph a bit too.

Your Support Helps Mothers Look to Mary’s Example

In Matthew 19:26, we read “with God all things are possible”… even when people fall. Sometimes He knows people through dreams and visions, but He also works through His people.

Mothers have lifesaving conversations through the work of our national hotline every day. More than that, these conversations show that there is a network of pregnancy centers eager to provide the support needed for mothers like Cal to say ‘yes’ to God’s voice and choose life when faced with a pregnancy they didn’t expect–even if the baby’s father wasn’t there.

Thank you for bringing light into the darkness this Christmas for scared and confused moms by giving them compassion, hope, and help. Because of you, somewhere in your community a baby boy or girl is celebrating their first Christmas and has a chance for a bright future, guided by the hand of a loving God!

Keep Saving Lives with Your Gift Today!

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