Bringing Dreams & Miracles Together January 2024

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With the help of our incredible surrogates and egg donors, over 1280 babies have been welcomed by parents who dreamed of having their own little miracle.

Our CEO and Founder, Staci Swiderski, shares her feelings about this incredible milestone:

“Family Source Consultants is proud to celebrate seventeen years of unwavering commitment, relentless passion, and shared success. As a global surrogacy and egg donation agency, our journey has been one of compassion, support, and great relationships we helped foster.

Here’s to 17 years of hope, trust, love, and countless miracles to come!

To the brave surrogates, egg donors, and expectant parents who entrusted us with their stories, thank you for allowing FSC to be a part of your incredible journey.

To our stellar employees and professional family building partners who have been integral to this journey – thank you for being a part of our story. Here’s to many more years of growth, collaboration, and continued success!”

Jessica is a gestational surrogate at FSC who gave birth to a baby girl for a beautiful family in April 2023.

We asked Jessica what you want someone thinking about working with a surrogate to know?

“Surrogacy is a partnership between the intended parents and the surrogate. Find someone to be with. Someone you can have dinner with, or have a cup of coffee with. Talk about your travel expectations, and what you want to expect during and after delivery.

Egg Donor 826 has completed two retrieval cycles!

We asked Egg Donor 826 what made him become an Egg Donor

“I decided to become an Egg Donor because I believe that having a family is a good thing. Not all of us make it without a way out. I am more than happy to help someone on their journey to creating the family they are looking for. If the roles are reversed, I hope someone is willing and kind enough to donate their eggs so I can have a family.”

Family Source Consultants is excited to host ‘Daddy Bites’, an event that provides an opportunity for gay and queer expectant fathers to be guided through their family building plans by a panel of experts, as well as direct contact with experienced surrogates and egg donors, and proud FSC gay fathers!

Click the button below to learn more and review the itinerary for the day!

The Chicago Area Reproductive Association, also known as CARA, aims to promote education, research, and the exchange of ideas and experiences in the field of reproductive biology.

Baby T is all smiles at dad!

We love getting updates from our FSC families to see how big our miracle babies are!

FSC twin boys B&J recently celebrated their 7th birthday!

Intended Parents L&S shared a special moment with FSC Surrogate K at their baby shower!

Left: Rebecca Lyons, Surrogate Intake Coordinator; FSC, Danielle Guaderrama, Director of Case Management; FSC, JC Guaderrama, Supportive Husband of Danielle Guaderrama

Right: Intended Parent M&S

Team FSC met with Intended Parents M&S to discuss their upcoming surrogacy journey! Connecting on a more personal level is the heart and soul of FSC and family building.

FSC ensures that all our clients are supported and guided on their journey in a variety of ways. We have a monthly surrogacy support group that allows our surrogates to connect, share experiences, ask questions, and more. December’s surrogate support group is all about PJs, celebrations, gifts, and laughter!

We are excited to kick off 2024 with events for intended and recipient parents, surrogates, and egg donors in an ongoing effort to help everyone become better educated to make informed decisions for their plans in building a family!

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