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We know that your fertility journey doesn’t end when you conceive – your journey to raising your family continues. We believe that every new baby remakes a whole family, and we love being a supportive bridge in your new life, whether you’re having your first baby or your fourth.

We specialize in postpartum doula care and lactation support, bringing these services together to offer families comprehensive, coordinated care so you can start your parenting journey with strength and confidence on day one.

If your company offers Carrot benefits, Bridgetown Baby lactation and doula care are covered services. You can use your benefits for daytime postpartum doula support, overnight postpartum doula support and prenatal and postnatal lactation consultations. Our Family Care team will coordinate billing for your benefits, making it smooth and easy.

How to Start Using Carrot Benefits in Bridgetown Baby:

Contact our Family Care team by phone or e-mail to learn more about postpartum care at Bridgetown Baby. We’ll work with you to create a plan that meets your family’s unique needs, match you with a doula and/or lactation consultant you’ll love from our team of certified professionals, and support you along the way.

Let Carrot take you on a great first step toward supportive family building and the space you need after childbirth to heal, learn, bond, and become the parents you want to be.

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