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Chinese Gender Predictor Chart – How it works

When you find out you’re pregnant, the next fun step is to determine if you’re having a boy or a girl. Of course, genetic tests or ultrasounds will give you official results, and the stories of old wives are fun but here is another way! The Chinese Gender Predictor Chart! It will take the month of conception of the baby and the age of the mother and calculate the gender of the baby.

What is the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart?

There are some fun ways to predict your baby’s gender. You may want to look at your pregnancy cravings (sweet for a girl, salty and sour for a boy). Or the position of your baby bump, (high for girls, low for boys). Even try spinning the ring around your belly (back and forth for kids, around in circles for boys). See our full post on Old Wives tales here.

But if none of these options float your boat, then take a look the Chinese Gender predictor calculator.

The Chinese Gender Predictor is also called the Chinese Gender Calendar or the Chinese Gender Chart. This is a map for predicting the baby’s gender.

History of Chinese Gender Predictors

The Chinese Gender Predictor was discovered 700 years ago by calculating yin, yang, five elements, eight trigrams, and time. It is said to be based on the I Ching, or the “Book of Changes”. In other words, it adds a woman’s date of birth and the date of conception to the calendar.

It translates the numbers into the lunar age of the mother when she was pregnant and the lunar month of conception.

A legend says that the imperial family of the Qing Dynasty used the Chinese Gender Chart for choosing sons who were preferred over daughters because of the work and money they could bring and the ability to continue the family line!

Another story is that the Chinese Gender chart was stored in an ancient royal tomb and was discovered many years later.

Regardless of the history, Chinese astrologers claim that this chart works well!

How does the Chinese Gender Calculator work?

Even if you’re not into Eastern medicine and philosophy, this handy Chinese Gender Chart might just give you a clue as to whether you should start stocking up on pink or blue!

This gender prediction method chart has two sections. The abscissa is the month of birth from January to December, and the ordinate is the age of the 18-45 year old pregnant mother.

In the lunar calendar, the month of birth is the month of childbirth, not the last month of menstruation. When the pregnant mother conceives in a leap month, the first half of the month is counted as the month after. The second half is counted in the month after.

If the exact date of conception is unclear, measure it at the last menstrual period and 14 days; if the 14 days are extended after the 25th, it can be counted in the next month.

Is the Chinese Gender Chart really accurate?

Many expectant mothers say that the chart is the only non-medical test that will tell you if you’re having a man or a baby. But how accurate are they?

Many believe that it can be up to 93% accurate to determine the gender of your child using the Chinese gender calendar. And since it’s based on your age and month, you’re free to check the chart at any time during your pregnancy.

Unlike the second-trimester ultrasound, you don’t have to wait too long to use one of these charts.

But still, there is no clear proof that the chart actually works. It is not based on science. And it’s no more accurate than other low-tech gender tests.

After all, every unscientific method is correct about 50 percent of the time with only two results. Either you have a baby boy or a girl! However, when I looked at the chart, it was absolutely correct for all 3 of my children!

How to predict a baby girl or boy using Chinese gender

You can choose several months in a row with the same sex of the baby to conceive, which will increase the probability of a certain sex.

For example, if your lunar age is 29 years old, and you want to have a baby boy, based on the Chinese baby gender calendar, you can choose to conceive between May and September.

What Moms Say About Chinese Gender Predictor

“If you’re looking for gender prediction tools, then this is a fun one. With my first baby it was right but with my second baby it wasn’t!” Joanna D.

“The Chinese baby predictor was right about my baby girl! But for my sister it didn’t work!” Katie S.

“It worked for our baby boy, but if you want to be sure I’d go for a blood test or a scan!”.

Chinese Gender Chart – Final note

There is nothing wrong with using the Chinese Gender Predictor to find out if you will give birth to a boy or a girl. And it can be fun, especially when you do it with your family and friends.

So if gender guessing games turn you off, go for it. However, don’t take the results too seriously or make important decisions! Leave painting the nursery or planning a Girl / Boy themed Baby Shower until you’re sure!

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