Conceived in rape, man shares gratitude for his birth mother’s decision for life

Live Action’s latest video details the remarkable story of a man who discovers he was conceived in rape – and the heroism of the mother who fought to give him life.

Steventhen Holland was eight years old when he learned that his family had adopted him. Although his childhood was happy, he always thought about the question – “Why doesn’t my mother like me?”

It wasn’t until after he was married, and he and his wife experienced two miscarriages, that he felt the Lord tell him it was time to find his mother. A search connected Holland to a birth uncle, who told him that his mother, Glenda Sue, had mental and cognitive challenges as young as 11. Glenda Sue became a ward of the state after her parents passed away. At the age of 18, she was raped by five men, causing her to become pregnant in Holland.

Holland learns that Glenda Sue faces intense pressure to have an abortion but adamantly refuses. He fled the facility where he was living at the time and drove to Chattanooga, Tennessee. By the time she was nine months pregnant, she was living in a cardboard box in the back of a grocery store. She placed her newborn baby boy in human services, and he was quickly adopted by the Holland family.

Holland described mixed emotions of pain and gratitude upon learning this story. “The fact that he fought for me and saw the value in my life, I’m thankful that I’m here,” he said. “At that moment, it was like, ‘Man, she loved me.’”

In a touching moment shared on video, Holland’s uncle took him to meet his birth mother Glenda Sue at the care home where she lived. Holland sang “Amazing Grace” at this meeting, but broke down in tears halfway through the verse, not finishing – only for her birth mother to finish the verse for her.

As the two are formally introduced, Glenda Sue cries as she hugs Holland, telling him that she has always loved him.

“He didn’t see me as a 27-year-old man; she still saw me as her baby,” Holland said of that moment.

Holland previously told Live Action News in an exclusive interview, “I know it’s a miracle that I’m alive. My mom chose life even though she couldn’t take care of me. It was a great act of love that free me so I have a chance to grow.”

Holland said her story changed people’s minds. He regularly travels to share his testimony and started a ministry, Broken Not Dead, in 2018.

“My mother is truly my hero. She values ​​life… despite the possibility of homelessness, mental challenges, and literally no support – she didn’t have a day of prenatal care,” she said.

Holland said he enjoyed the 11 years he knew “Mama Glenda,” before her passing, and will always cherish that time.

“Mama Glenda, I love you,” he said. “And thank you. Thank you for life.”

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