Baby Shower

Creative Baby Carriage Shower Theme Ideas

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers! Decorate with a darling baby carriage shower theme! What better represents a baby than a cute baby buggy!

Adorable Stroller Baby Shower
Decorations and Ideas

  • Cut out baby-themed sandwiches cookie cutters such as rattles, baby carriages, etc
  • Do the same thing with sugar-cookies cut into baby shapes
    • Come in with a group shower invite and get the mom-to-be perfect stroller he’s staring! Fill the stroller with cute baby essentials like diapers, onesies, washcloths, burp cloths, blankets, socks, rattles, toys, teething rings, etc.
    • Take a baby carriage shape wicker basket and fill the trunk with baby goodies like stuffed animals, diapers, teething rings, baby lotion, nail clippers, booties, mittens, hats, washcloths, towels and any other baby essentials you think the new baby might need mother Wrap the basket in clear cellophane and tie with a pretty ribbon. Another smart idea is to use a large baby blanket or receiving blanket instead of using cellophane. Wrap the basket in the receiving blanket and then secure with ribbon.
    • Make baby themed chocolates from candy molds and give as baby shower favors! This is an easy and affordable way to give adorable favors!
    • You can also buy some baby buggy themed scrapbook paper at the craft store and use for place mats, cut into strips and use as napkin rings or wrap a strip around candles for instant cuteness .
    • If you have an old, vintage baby buggy lying around, (also check Craigslist or garage sales) spray paint it to match the baby shower theme and fill it with gifts for guests to bring when they arrive. It adds so much beauty and style to the shower!. The painted baby buggy can also be used as a decoration in the new baby’s nursery after the shower.
    • If you want to get really crafty, make a beautiful baby buggy – carved watermelon. Complete instructions are laid out for you in this detailed video:

    Cute Baby Buggy Favor Ideas

    stroller favors for baby shower

    Adorable and customizable, baby carriage, baby shower favor box! Complete your baby buggy shower theme by giving guests some cute stroller-shaped favors on their way out! What a great way to say thank you for coming!

    What to go the DIY route for your baby shower favors? Below is the perfect project for you…

    photo of baby carriage baby shower favor ideas

    These baby carriage favor ideas are so creative – we’ve never seen them before and had to share them with you!

    Simply wrap each Hershey’s Kiss in colored paper (to match the baby shower theme or baby’s gender,) one by one, assemble viola! The cutest baby shower favors around!

    Baby Buggy Stroller Cakes

    Baby Buggy Cakes (also known as baby carriage cakes and stroller cakes) are adorable and can be made modern or classic. If you’re planning a “Baby Buggy-Themed Baby Shower” – we’ve got some creative stroller cakes for you to come in all shapes and sizes!

    Image of 2 tier colorful baby shower stroller cake

    Colorful 2 Tier Baby Shower Buggy Cake

    Kristy forwarded from Puyallup, WA

    This is an 8 inch by 6 inch stacked square cake.

    I iced each one separately with butter cream, then used an airbrush machine to spray the bottom pink and the top yellow.

    You can choose to cover cakes in fondant for a similar, smoother look, but some people don’t care for the taste of fondant. So it’s up to you. I think this cake would have turned out great without using fondant.

    I stacked the cakes and added swirls and dot flowers with colored butter cream frosting.

    This cute baby stroller cake topper is store bought. You can add any topper you like – whatever matches the baby shower theme. Some ideas include: a small rubber ducky, a small teddy bear, a monkey or any jungle animals.

    This cake is simple, but so cute!

    Pink and black baby shower buggy cake picture

    Large Pink And Black Baby Stroller Cake

    Submitted by Socorro Pereira from Leesburg, VA

    I turned the baby shower invitation into a cake. I used a 14″ round pan and two – 5″ round pans. I copied the invitation and made it as large as possible.

    I cut the paper stroller copy into all the pieces (7 total). I cut the 14″ in two halves (one half is slightly larger).

    From the smaller half I cut 4 parts (the top of the stroller, a small piece to complete the top part, the baby’s belly and the handle of the stroller).

    I frosted all 5 parts and added 2 smaller cakes as wheels to complete the stroller.

    Pastel Baby Rattle, Stroller, Bottle and Diaper Pin Cake

    Ruthy Sandoval forwarded from Katy, Texas

    I copied the design from a plate that was part of a baby shower decoration.

    For the cake, I baked a 10″ round cake and used pink rolled fondant to cover the cake.

    In the design above I have the baby stroller and the baby bottle cookie cutter and the rest I cut by hand, below I made the basket wave effect by cutting in each stripe the other 2 squares are dots only in fondant.

    picture of a pink onesie baby basket cake

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