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Creative Pregnancy Announcement Idea: yay, we are pregnant!

This creative pregnancy announcement idea will wow your partner, parents, sisters, brothers and simply the whole family! It is unique, creative and wonderful and very easy to make.

hello grandma and hello grandpa!

A baby on the way? Congrats if you just found out you’re pregnant! Here’s a fun way to tell your family that you’re expecting and that they’re going to be one

  • father
  • grandma
  • grandfather
  • grandparents
  • Aunt
  • uncle
  • sister
  • brother
  • cousin


Congrats on being a mom and congrats on being a dad!

This little sleeping baby in a burp cloth is a really cute and unique way to tell your partner that he’s about to become a father! And it’s quite practical too. Use a pair of “I love daddy” socks and once the baby is here, the child can wear these socks while the new dad feels flattered. And having his “very own” burp cloth will allow you to pass the baby to daddy without any reason!

This little diaper doll is also suitable and very cute for a dadchelor party gift. Add a gift card and you’re good to go!

a small doll made of diapers and baby socks in a sleeping bag (burp cloths) with a circle sticker "You are going to be a father"surprise for dad!

These creative pregnancy announcement ideas are great to share with your family and friends:

Yay, we are pregnant and soon to be parents!

You’re going to be grandparents – grandma and grandpa!

You’re going to be an aunt!

You’re going to be an uncle!

Ask: Would you like to be my godmother/godfather?

a small baby doll made of diapers and red socks in a sleeping bag (burp cloths) with a circle sticker "You will be an aunt"Nothing beats being an aunt!

How to Make this Creative Pregnancy Announcement Idea

For diaper baby you just need a “fluffy” and perfectly white diaper, a pair of socks, some ribbon and a pen to draw the sleepy eyes.

If there is a prominent design on the diaper, the baby’s face will not look nice and cute but rather stained. So a plain diaper is the best. Here is the diaper baby tutorial, go to the “sock diaper baby” section.

For your “sleeping bag“, all you need is a square burp cloth with an approx. size of 30 x 30 inches. If you’re only looking for a rectangular one, it’s not a problem, just tighten your folding a little. Besides, it’s good if the cloth is made of organic cotton but shouldn’t.

For folding your fabric, baby sleeping bag, follow the arrows in the pictures below. Lay out your fabric and fold it once (step 1), then fold it a second time, so it’s roughly 7-8 inches wide (step 2). Then fold the bottom and then the top (step 3). Make sure your design is correct so that later it is not upside down on the finished baby diaper.

Next, place your baby sock diaper on top of your folded fabric (step 4). And finally, fold the bottom of your fabric over the baby’s belly, wrap a pretty ribbon around it and – if you have one – place your bear sticker next to the baby. Then add your message like “You’re going to be a dad” and have fun showing it to your surprised family members!

step 4, the baby socks placed on the folded fabricstep 4
a cute little diaper baby in a "sleeping bag"surprise for daddy and the whole family!

We’re Going To Be Parents! Mom and Dad Est. 2023

You want to tell your partner that you are pregnant and that he is becoming a father but you are not doing things yourself? So how about buying this adorable set?

Then make breakfast for your boyfriend / husband, use these cups and let your partner unpack the cute “adventure awaits” onesie and arrow bib. The baby set is available in two versions with a neutral green or yellow bib.


Godparents Proposal Ideas: Are You Going to Be a Mother / Godfather?

This is also a sweet idea for your godmother, godfather or godfather proposal. Even after you’ve given birth you can still use this diaper baby in a burp cloth idea to ask “Will you be my godmother”, “Will you be my godfather” or “Will you be my godparents”?

Since you already know the gender of the baby then you can make a pink or blue baby accordingly and also use a girlish or boyish burp cloth for your godparents proposal.

a blue diapered baby in a burp cloth with a sticker that says: will you be my godmother?a fun and cute way to ask ♡

Your Message: Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

You can make your stickers by hand: Just cut out a circle or heart or any other shape using some cardboard or thicker paper. You can also buy colorful sticky post-it notes in different shapes.

Writing your message: Use a black felt pen for your message. Letter stencils are also great for a smooth writing. There are also sets to master calligraphy and handwriting in no time.

Alternatively, do your writing online (for example using power point) or design and order your (ready-made) sticker in an online store.

Design your personalized stickers here:


You will be… – another creative pregnancy announcement idea

Design your own onesie, bodysuit or romper and let dad, your parents and in-laws, your sister or brother and the whole family know that they are going to be a father, a grandmother, a grandfather, great grandfather grandma, great-grandma, great-grandpa, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins ​​etc. coming soon!

Here are some more ideas on how to tell that to your partner or family a baby is on the way. Some of these can easily be incorporated into my “baby in a sleeping bag” idea!

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