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cute DIY diaper babies ideas

Baby diapers are a really versatile DIY baby gift. Baby diapers in a basket, filled with cute little baby diapers or baby socks, is just one possibility to create a unique diaper cake or a cute baby shower centerpiece.

born in 2023 socks diaper babies for baby girl Dora

I will show you many more ideas here and I also have diaper babies gift ideas for twins and triplets.

Go here for my diaper babies tutorial. Then come back and use them for one of these beautiful creations shown here.

For some of these gifts you will only need one baby diaper for others you will need a whole bunch of baby diapers. In general, it doesn’t matter whether babies are made of a sock and a washcloth or a pair of socks and no washcloth.

The group of baby boy diapers is made of socks only. If the parents like a special animal or have a favorite sport, you can choose the socks accordingly.

sock diaper babies for boys, 6 diaper babies laid, made of only socks, socks have car designsso many, so cute!

Baby Shower Decorating Ideas With Diaper Baby

  • put them in an extra diaper and lay some on the table
  • Hang them from the ceiling (fix the ribbon on the sock hat)
  • combine 4 baby pampers and place them vertically back to back, fix with a wide ribbon and place them in the middle of your tables)
  • take the bottom of a shoebox and wrap it in wrapping paper that matches the theme of your baby shower. Put your mini baby diapers inside, if you want to add cloth diaper and some more decoration like pacifier etc. Then place a box on each of your tables

4 baby diapers and decorations, in a cardboard box with blue and green stripesboy diaper babies in a gift box

Diaper Baby For Twins And Triplets

Parents of twins, triplets and multiples will need plenty of diapers and other baby supplies. It is best if they choose what they want to have. So giving a coupon, cash gift or a few packs of diapers is the perfect gift. But it’s like “not so cute”. By adding a few (personalized) baby diapers to a cloth, really give your gift a personal touch!

baby burp cloth diapers for twin girls, personalized with wooden letters for Freda and Tildapersonalized for twin girls
triplet cloth diaper babieswelcome triplet boys

More Ideas – Use Mini Baby Diapers For:

– a baby diaper in a baby gift basket

– a unique baby shower decoration

– making a cute nappy baby basket gift

– something small so you don’t come empty-handed, for example when you go to the hospital to see the new addition for the first time

– use with a baby gift card and to pimp your voucher

– decorating your diaper cake or specialty baby gift basket

– use as a gift topper, for example a baby book

5 baby girl diapers in pink, rose and white in a boxsmall diaperbaby gift basket

This is my online shop’s bestseller!

Baby diapers in a basket are the perfect gift for newborn girls and boys: a decorative basket or box full of diapers, then a burp cloth to cover and the baby pampers in above.

Large Baby Diapers in a Gift Basket

Make a cute and practical diaper dolls baby basket gift: Buy a large storage bin. That can be an ordinary storage basket – made of fabric or plastic – or a special nursery storage basket with a baby design. A storage bin is always handy, whether it’s to put baby stuff on the changing table or to store baby toys. Collapsible storage baskets can be folded up and put away easily when you don’t need them. so they are also good.

6 pink and yellow baby diapers, baby toys and baby accessories in a big brown boxbig baby gift basket with baby diapers and lots of pampers inside

Fill the bottom of the basket with your diapers, if it’s too big you can just put the whole package in there. If there is space, you can also add a baby wipes pack or some baby clothes. Place a burp cloth on top. Then place your baby pampers on the fabric. You can also mix them with small baby toys, a cuddly musical toy, bath sponge, rubber duckies, etc.

Use clear gift wrapping foil and lots of ribbon to perfectly decorate your diaper-babies gift basket.

“Summer” Diaper Baby

This was a gift for a soon-to-be 2nd-time-mom from her first child’s baby swimming class. They took several diaperbabies in swimming suits/bathing suits and then arranged them in a large, flat storage basket to make it look like a swimming pool. Creative and cute, eh?

9 diapered babies standing in a row, looking like a swimming pool with bathing suits and bathing capseveryone lined up!
9 diapered babies, orange fish and yellow squirting duck in a big black tub, looks like babies in swimming pool, water simulated by plastic foilswimming in the pool!

Diaper Baby & A Cuddly Friend

A sock diapered baby and a bunny lie side by side in the baby’s bed. You can use a baby rattle, cuddly animal or security blanket for this type of small diaper gift. The cuddly toy just needs to be the same size as the baby’s diaper. This is a great idea for a baby shower gift or to congratulate your best friend on her pregnancy.

Fold your burp cloth in half and then fold it again so that the width matches your baby and toy. Then fold both sides, put the baby and soy sauce inside and wrap it with a wide ribbon. Fix on the back with some glue or tape. You can also close it with a bow in the front.

a baby diaper and a rattling rabbit toy placed on a cloth, unisex color, green and grayhug the rabbit

Small Welcome Gifts

For a small welcome basket gift, use 4 baby pampers made from 2 pairs of socks, 4 diapers and 4 baby wash cloths. Get a lunch box container, a small basket or a canvas box and put your diaper dolls in there. This is a lovely addition to a baby gift certificate.

4 fun baby girl diapers in a little red basketwoman pampers babies in a basket
an open pink gift box with a baby diaper gift box with baby diaper

This little diaper baby box is a sweet money baby gift or even a nice addition to a baby gift certificate. The diaper baby is made of a pampers, a sock and a washcloth while another sock and a second washcloth are combined with a small flower bud. I added some decorations – et voila!

a gift bag with 2 baby diapers sticking out, pinkit’s a girl!

Two small baby diapers in a gift bag are a nice addition and “gift wrap” if you want to give money or gift cards for the baby shower.

Diaper Baby Diaper Cake

Make a 2 or 3-tier diaper cake and decorate it with lots of baby sock diapers! Simply remove one or more of your rolled up diapers and replace them with a baby sock diaper. So cute, isn’t it?

detail of diaper cake with diaper baby, blue ribbondetails
a big diaper cake with a cuddly dog ​​on top, a pair of blue baby shoes and a baby diaper on the base layer, blue detailsdiaper cake with diaper baby

You see, these little diaper dolls are really versatile 🙂

boy sock diaper babies in a basketsock diaper babies for a “leo”

More images and ideas on how to display your baby diapers.

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