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Cute Teddy Bear Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

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Hosting a “Teddy Bear Baby Shower?” Teddy bears and baby showers are a great combination! We’ve put together some simple and cute shower ideas!

There are lots of great decorating ideas when it comes to teddy bears! They are so soft and cuddly, what could be better for a baby shower!

Male or Female? It doesn’t really matter! Teddy bears are perfect for either one. In fact, the color brown is a popular color for baby showers these days! People are pairing the once dull and drab color (brown) with pinks and blues and it really looks sharp!

And for the Pooh Bear lovers out there – We’ve created a bundle of “Pooh Bear Baby Shower Ideas” too!

teddy bear baby shower cake ideas


POLKA DOT BABY BEAR CAKE – by Janell Smith, Louisiana

I made this brown and blue polka dot teddy bear cake using an 8″ round cake and covered it with home made chocolate fondant. The bow and teddy bear are also made of fondant.

PINK AND BROWN BABY BEAR CAKE – by willy from Illinois

Baby Bear Shower Cake

This board that the cake sits on is made of fondant a week before the cake – it’s made to resemble a bright and cheerful baby blanket

I made the ruffles by hand from fondant.

Fondant strips are made by using small molds to decorate them.

The cake was made from a teddy bear cake pan mold. I decorated the cake with frosting using a piping tip.

This is a really easy baby shower cake to make!


CHUBBY TEDDY BEAR BABY SHOWER CAKE – said Joy from Ashburn, Virginia

It was a huge bear cake – it fed 60 people! I used a bowl to cook the circle for the bear’s head, and a rectangular sheet pan to cook the body of the bear.

The scraps I cut into rectangles became the arms and legs. Then I used a serrated knife to round out all the shapes so that it looks soft and cuddly like a real teddy bear.

From there I piped chocolate butter cream using a star tip to give it a “feathery” look. The diaper, pacifier, nose and belly of the bear are made of rolled fondant. The last detail is to roll a quilting tool along the edges so it really looks like it’s stitched. Really cute!

Teddy bear diaper cake ideas

baby shower teddy bear balloons

teddy bear balloons

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Favors and Prizes

  • Hand out hand soaps in the shape of teddy bears or bath beads
  • Place the gummy bears in cute little boxes or bags
  • Using a teddy bear cookie cutter, cut sugar cookies into cute bear shapes, frost, and wrap in cellophane. You can also attach a cute tag that says “Thanks Beary Much For Coming”
  • Get some brown and yellow jelly bellies and put them in cute organza bags
  • Give cute honey jar baby shower favors

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Decorations

  • Decorate with solid plates, cups, and napkins
  • Sprinkle cute teddy bear baby shower confetti around the counter tops and tables (to make teddy bear confetti, buy a bear-shaped paper punch at a craft store or online and punch out a few bears using another’ different colors of card stock.) or see below for pre-made confetti.
  • Float bundles of different balloons around, brown, yellow or pink, blue or teddy bear shaped
  • For a cute centerpiece idea, fill a basket with stuffed teddy bears, a teddy bear baby outfit, and other baby essentials – give to the new mom as a gift at the end of the baby shower.
  • Gather your teddy bears (or your child’s bears) and use them for decorations around the room
  • Tie brown and pink/blue ribbon around clear vases, place daisies and baby’s breath in them and place on tables

Baby Shower Menu and Food Ideas

  • Serve the delicious blue or pink punch
  • Have brown snacks like sugar babies, nuts and Chex mix in cute treats. Put a sign on the table that says: “Please Don’t Feed the Bears”
  • With a teddy bear shaped cookie cutter, you can make cute treats like sandwiches, Rice Kripsie Treats, and teddy bear shaped cookies (frost brown and outline them with pink or blue icing)

Baby Shower Gifts

  • Fill the baby basket with cute baby essentials like onesies, socks, teddy bear print blankets, rattles, clothes and stuffed teddy bears.

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Ideas

Pooh Bear is a popular and adorable baby shower theme!

The Pooh Bear baby shower was voted one of the top showers you, our readers, will throw! Since it’s so popular, there are so many great ideas to go with it! We picked the cutest ones and listed them here! Enjoy!

  • For a snack, serve scones with honey (Pooh’s favorite treat)
  • Have “Bit O’ Honey” candies in cute treats
  • Pretty red, orange and yellow and blue balloons float around
  • Gather as many stuffed Pooh’s, Piglet’s, Rabbit’s, etc as possible (ask friends and family if they have any) and use as decorations
  • If the weather is nice, take a picnic-style shower outside. There are picnic baskets, checkered tablecloths, fried chicken, potato salad, corn-on-the-cob and biscuits (with honey, of course!)
  • For cute favors, buy some small terra cotta pots and spray paint them brown. Paint the top yellow/gold to look like dripping honey then use black paint or marker and write “HUNNY” in the center of the pot. You can fill them with candy, yellow soap, or a cute plant!


  • Wording for Winnie The Pooh Themed Invitations
    by jess (australia)

    I’m looking into doing a Winnie the Pooh themed baby shower and I thought of this: Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore and Pooh agree that a baby shower is a great thing to do, join us and you’ll see how much fun these can be four friends.

  • Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Poem
    by Nessie (Vegas) A cute wording idea for a baby shower cake or baby shower invitation is – Congratulations on the pot of honey in your belly!
  • “Winnie the Pooh” Baby Shower Invitation Wording.
    by Lisa HT (Central America)

    “Tiddily-rom, tiddily-roo, “mother’s name” will soon have her baby boo” “It’s time to bounce and twirl, “mother’s name” is having a baby girl”

  • Pooh Bear Baby Shower Invitation Verses
    by Maya (Ohio)

    1) Welcome to our little jar of hunny!
    2) We are blessed with a little honey
    3) Our Sweet little pooh bear
    4) A little honey is on the way!


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