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Do you bring a gift for a gender reveal party in 2024?

Do You Bring a Gift to a Gender Reveal Party?

So you’re invited to a gender reveal party – that’s great news! Now right after wondering what the baby’s gender will be, you may wonder, “Should I bring a present?” While there are always exceptions to the rule, bringing a gift isn’t necessarily required, even if it’s a thoughtful gesture to celebrate the special occasion.

A gender reveal is different from a baby shower because gift giving is not mandatory and relies more on the casual side of the agenda, preparation and etiquette. In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about gender reveal party etiquette so you can make your own informed decision about whether to bring a gift, or wait until later occasions, like a baby shower.

Understanding Gender Reveal Party Etiquette

A gender reveal party is like a pre-party to the main event, where loved ones shower the expecting parents with lots of love and welcome the soon-to-be new addition with open arms!

A gender reveal is both exciting and sweet for guests and parents-to-be, and is generally a more casual event than a baby shower. For guests, a general rule of thumb is that the reveal is more a time for anticipation and excitement, with less formality and a focus on baby shower gifts.

Gift Giving: A Personal Choice

Bringing a gift to a gender reveal party is completely optional and based on personal preference. The main purpose of these parties is to truly reveal the gender of the baby – one of the most exciting moments of the pregnancy journey. Whether you’re on a tight budget, or you have something bigger planned for a baby shower gift, we encourage you to do what feels most comfortable because of the relationship you have with the expectant parents.

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Suggestions for Thoughtful Gestures

For guests who want to spice up the event with something special, this is the perfect opportunity to bring gifts for the parents-to-be, rather than the little one. It could be a gift card to a local food store they like, flowers, or a bottle of wine. Let’s consider the detail:

wbs gender reveal gift

Practical Tips for Guests

If you are asking yourself “what kind of gift do you bring to a gender reveal party?” or still unsure about your decision to give, below are ideas to make this part of the celebration as seamless and easy as possible.

We’ll share tips like having a potential gift just in case, and also choosing gender-neutral and practical items, if you decide to bring a gift. If you’re set on bringing a little something to the occasion, we’ve rounded up 24 gender-revealing gift ideas, whether you want to focus on mom, both parents, or the baby.

wbs do you bring a gift to a gender reveal party

Gifts are Optional

As a general reminder, it’s not necessary to bring a gift to a gender reveal party, especially if there’s a baby shower planned later. Gender reveals are a fun addition to the pre-baby celebration, and what really matters is your presence and support in anticipation of the soon-to-be new addition to the family.

Consider Small Gestures

Small gestures are absolutely adorable in any case! If you want to bring something, go for small, thoughtful things like flowers, a gift card, or a bottle of wine. Any of these things will definitely make parents feel cared for.

wbs gender reveal gift

Focus on Celebration

Remember, the purpose of a gender reveal party is to anticipate the baby’s upcoming arrival! This event is not dedicated to the exchange of gifts. It is an opportunity to shower expectant parents with love, laughter and celebration as they embark on the beautiful journey of parenthood.

Be Prepared, Just In Case

If you’re not sure about gift giving, you can always keep a card with kind and supportive words, maybe a nice bar of chocolate, some cash or a check handy in your bag. That way, if you find other guests are giving gifts, you’ll be ready to give one yourself.

Gifts for Parents

wbs gender reveal gift

If you’re wondering what to bring to a gender reveal party as a gift, consider something dedicated to the parent-to-be. In all of the following baby-oriented events, both parents will likely appreciate something pampering or something they can enjoy together at this early stage. It could be spa certificates, a gift card to the parents’ favorite restaurant, or even a gift basket with some of their favorite snacks and household items.

Keep it Low-Key

Because gender-revealing parties like baby showers aren’t held as often, the gift-giving rules around them are less concrete. If you decide to bring a gift, don’t hesitate to keep it modest. A gender reveal party is usually more relaxed than a baby shower.

Enjoy the Moment

When you get the news that a close friend or loved one is expecting, an invitation to a gender reveal party may not be far away. Embracing the spirit of the event by showing excitement for the parents-to-be is the best thing you can offer. Soak up the happiness and joy of expectant parents as they wait to see if they’re having a girl or a boy!

Celebrating the Moment

Gender reveal parties are a festive and fun addition to pre-baby celebrations. While a baby shower is a time for family and friends to gather and show support for the parents-to-be, a gender reveal is an exciting way to announce the baby’s sex.

Are guests expected to bring gifts to both? Usually not. Bringing a gift to a gender reveal party is a personal decision, and not required. Since this event is more casual, and attending a gender reveal party is primarily about sharing in the joy and excitement of the expectant parents, gifts are an afterthought.

If you decide to bring a gift, that is also welcome, and there are many ways in which you can offer a thoughtful gesture. The decision to bring a gift should be tailored to the convenience of the guests and the nature of their relationship with the expectant parents. Have fun and embrace this special moment in your friend’s or loved one’s journey!

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