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Drive By Gender Reveal Ideas

A drive-by Gender Reveal became the go-to reveal party this year! Having a baby is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and magical times in any parent’s life! Traditionally, Baby Showers are the main event that brings together family and friends to shower the expectant Mother with love. But with the development of technology, there is also the ability to know the gender of the baby before their arrival. Many parents choose to find out the gender and because of this, the Gender Reveal party has become popular.

What is the drive by Gender Reveal?

Basically, a typical Gender Reveal party is where the food is served, along with predictions made and the BIG reveal! Obviously, the pandemic has made planning this type of event difficult. However, the drive-by Gender Reveal is a great and safe way to still share the fun with your loved ones. Many parents also continue the theme with a Drive-By Baby Shower later in their pregnancy.

The idea is to have guests drive to a selected location on a specific day and time. In other words, a parade of cars with visitors driving expectant parents in excitement. Meanwhile, they share their good wishes and learn about gender in a creative way, all from their car.

How do you plan to drive by Gender Reveal?

First, research what is allowed in your community in terms of regulations for outdoor events. Additionally, determine the mom-to-be’s comfort level. Second, choose a date and time. Consider who you want to invite and when they will be available. Third, specify a location. Often the parents or a family member host, but when choosing a location, obviously think about traffic, space, and the type of street on which to drive.

Perhaps you can encourage your Guests to join in the fun by decorating their car with their baby prediction!

Another thing to think about is a theme for your Gender Reveal drive. Maybe you want to stick to a blue and pink color scheme. After that, send an invitation with details a few weeks in advance. This will give your guests something to plan for as well as look forward to. This can be done via mail, text, e-mail, or a Facebook group. In addition, brainstorm ideas for decorations, determine whether you want tables for gifts or a special chair for Mom to sit on. Also, think about where you will make the disclosure. Finally, gather supplies needed for the drive-by Gender Reveal including favors, signage, reveal items, and food or drinks.

Finally, think about how to include those who cannot attend. For example, deliver cupcakes with colored icing in the middle, send a gender reveal riddle or send a video. You can also live stream the event. In today’s world, it is undoubtedly easy to include loved ones near and far.

And if you’re planning a Gender reveal with twins, check out our Twins Reveal ideas here.

Where do guests leave gifts at a drive by Gender Reveal?

People love buying gifts, especially for babies! Sometimes they wait to buy one until they know the gender and then bring it to a Baby Shower. Obviously, any gift brought to a Gender Reveal drive is greatly appreciated. Consider having a designated area such as a table or a nice blanket on the ground for gifts. However, having someone collect the gifts from the cars and place them in a designated area will keep guests in their cars. Check out our favorite Gender Reveal gift ideas here.

Driven by Gender Reveal Ideas

The main event of a Gender Reveal drive is of course the reveal itself! There are lots of fun and creative ways to do this. Here are some ideas below:

  1. Pinata – Fill a pinata with pink or blue confetti and have both parents open it. Make your own with our easy guide.
  2. Balloons – Place a pink or blue helium balloon inside a box. Then Mom opens it to see which color comes out or instead pops a balloon filled with colored confetti. Make your own DIY version here. Or if you’re not crafty, you can buy a ready-made Gender Reveal box.
  3. Cake – Have parents cut a Gender Reveal cake, showing pink or blue icing in the middle. Or provide cake pops or cupcakes for guests to enjoy while staying in their cars. Check out our favorite Gender Reveal cake ideas here.
  4. Paint – Another idea is to have the parents wear white and let them throw balloons filled with paint at each other. It will be exciting to see which paint color comes out.
  5. Smoke Cannons – Using a smoke cannon will generally make it easier for everyone to see from their cars what the gender is. You can leave them alone or perform a Gender Reveal burnout from your car!
  6. Onesie – Ask a friend to buy a gender-specific onesie. Have it wrapped in a box for Mom to open at the event.

Drive by Gender Reveal Decorations

Obviously just because it’s not a typical gender reveal party, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate! Balloon garlands or trees are a great way to beautify any front yard. Furthermore, if using tables to display favors or snacks, use colorful table cloths and runners. Place plants, flowers or lanterns around for added ambiance.

Set up a large Gender Reveal backdrop as a focal point for your guests.

Similarly, encourage your guests to decorate their cars based on their gender prediction for added fun. Encourage them to rock their best pink or blue outfits as well. Check out our favorite Gender Reveal party decorations here.

Drive by the Gender Reveal signs

Signs are a great way to communicate with your visitors. Place signs along the road to guide your visitors to the location while also welcoming them. Display signs indicating the gift area as well as advising guests to help themselves to refreshments or a favor. Finally, a sign can also be used to thank everyone for coming.

Drive by Gender Reveal favor

Not only are they often cute but a favor is a great way for guests to bring a piece of the special event home with them to enjoy. Favors can include delicious food, bath bombs, popcorn, or something related to the expectant parents.

There are many great Gender Reveal Party Food ideas that you can serve at a Drive By Gender Reveal. Check out our favorites here. Individual goodies work great, like a mini cupcake, muffin, even a drink with a lid. Check out our Drive By Baby Shower food ideas here.

Or whip up some Gender Reveal Party Strawberries for guests to help themselves to!

Have favors and treats on a decorated dessert table or in a basket so the parent can easily distribute to guests.

Drive by Gender Reveal tips

A drive-by Gender Reveal is a great way to celebrate your child in a fun but safe way. Here are some more tips to consider:

  • Before planning, make sure your child is cooperating during the ultrasound. Once the gender is known, start planning your event.
  • Follow any community guidelines.
  • Consider having a rain plan. Maybe set up a canopy or have space in a garage instead of doing the reveal.
  • Ask a friend to take a photo or video so you can look back on this special day.
  • Ask guests to bring a letter or wishes for the baby to give to the parents as a way to shower them with love.
  • Have both a Gender Reveal drive and a Baby Shower drive at the same time.
  • If providing refreshments, plan for snacks that are individually wrapped and sealed (here are some fun Gender Party Food ideas).

A drive-by Gender Reveal is a great way to socially distance but still include others in an exciting moment. This event involves less cleanup and preparation than a traditional event but will still be a special part of your baby’s journey. Finally, whether pink or blue, a drive-by Gender Reveal is a perfect addition to anyone’s path to parenthood. Enjoy celebrating the arrival of the new addition!

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