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Easy Diaper Cake Instructions Anyone Can Make!

Okay shower hostesses – time to get inspired!

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes are trendy, cute, and make the perfect baby shower centerpiece and gift!

We want to give you some DIY options to make your cake making experience as easy as possible.

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Safari Diaper Cake

If you’re looking for a sleek and simple diaper cake – already made for you – we’ve found some lovely ones. Click the pic to see!

Baby shower diaper cakes are an easy way to add style and pizzazz to a baby shower!

They make wonderful centerpieces and are not that difficult to make. And they are also great conversation pieces!

Most visitors are intrigued by them and will ask where you bought them or how you made them!

The best part is – after the shower, mom-to-be takes the diaper cake home and uses all the fun and useful baby supplies!

Diaper cakes serve as cute baby shower decor and also make the perfect shower gift!

DIY Diaper Cake Instructions – You Tube Video

Below you will find a popular You Tube video tutorial with step-by-step diaper cake instructions.

There is also a written cake tutorial for those who don’t like watching videos. And also a link to see 70+ cakes submitted by readers!

You choose which way is best for you! Good luck and as always, have fun!

Easy instructions for “how to make a diaper cake”

diaper cake for boys

Boy diaper cakes make great baby shower centerpieces and gifts! And the creative possibilities are endless – you can make boy diaper cakes that look like motorcycles, 4 wheelers, trucks, and of course the traditional tiered style.

boy diaper cake

Go to our “Boy Diaper Cake” page for more great ideas submitted by readers.

woodland diaper cake – gender neutral baby shower diaper cake


You can make this diaper cake by making a traditional, tiered cake and adding woodland decor and woodland-themed gifts to it – or you can buy this diaper cake by clicking the image at above.

diaper cake for girls

bathtub diaper cake


A clever idea that plays on the diaper cake theme is to make Washcloth Cupcake Favors for your guests to take home!

These are made with real washcloths (and not baby washcloths) so your guests can use them! Just roll up a washcloth, tie it with a cute ribbon and put it in a cupcake wrapper.

You can go even smarter by attaching a cute bar of soap and a favor tag to the cupcakes. The favor tag can say something like “From Our Bath to Yours! – Get our FREEbie below! (click pic)

  • You can even make some small baby shower diaper cake using different colors and decorations. Place one on each table and tie balloons to them for a cute centerpiece. Give all the mini diaper cakes to the new mom at the end of the baby shower.
  • If you’re playing in the shower, make sure to play the popular and hilarious one dirty diaper baby shower game! So cheeky but so much fun! Click on the image below to see!

Alternative to a diaper cake – baby bassinet cake

Baby shower Diaper Cake Directions

Below are some easy-to-follow instructions for making a cute cake made entirely from diapers and popular baby supplies:

DIY how to make a diaper cakemoon and star cake

This cake pattern is beautiful, versatile and always gets a ton of compliments! The great thing about this is that you can make the cake as big or as small as you want!

First, decide how much you want to make.

Below are some general guidelines:

  • 1st Tier (bottom tier) – 30 diapers
  • 2nd Tier (middle tier) – 15-16 diapers
  • 3rd Tier (top tier) – 6 diapers

  • Starting with Tier 1, wrap the first diaper around a baby bottle and secure with a mini rubber band. Roll the remaining diaper jelly-roll style and secure with mini rubber bands. Attach the diapers with wrapping ribbon around them. Branch from the diaper wrapped around the bottle, forming a circle/cake shape.
  • Repeat the process with the remaining tiers, using the correct amount of diapers for each tier (noted above.) The bottle on the top tier pops up to look like a candle.
  • Wrap cake layers with receiving blanket, secure with safety pins.
  • Attach the tiers to each other using safety pins and double sided sticky tape.
  • Decorate the cake with cute things like toys, rattles, miniature baby shampoo, powder, soap, fingernail clippers, baby books, pacifiers, etc.

  • Cloth Diaper Cake DIY

    This unique and adorable cloth diaper cake was made by Jackie from Kansas City, Missouri. Below are her instructions for making this cute masterpiece!

    DIY Cloth Diaper Cake

    • To make this diaper cake, I used a large round colored gift cylinder (you can find cylinder shaped gift boxes at party stores or card stores.)

    • Then I put big rubber bands on the container

    • Next, Roll the inserts for the diapers and fasten them with rubber bands.

    • Then use a larger band and place the fuzzi bunz and bum genius diapers over the inserts. Tie everything with curly ribbon.

    • In the cylinder I put a wet bag and lemon-scented diaper crystals

    • On top of the cake I placed a small frog wearing a cloth diaper that I found in a gift shop.

    • Around some of the diapers, I put little girl’s hair ribbons.

    • This cake has a total of 18 cloth diapers.

    3 Tier Diaper Cake: Diapers, Receiving Blankets and Baby Wash

    3 Tier Diaper Cake: Diapers, Receiving Blankets and Baby Wash

    image source unknown

    This adorable, multi-item diaper cake is the perfect baby shower gift for a new mom and baby!

    The first tier is diapers – the second holds blankets and the top tier holds baby washcloths.

    Additional Diaper Baby Shower Ideas and Cloth Diaper Cake Ideas

    Some other things you can add are booties, bibs, pacifiers, socks, rattles and lotions.

    You can also fill the cylinder with baby goodies like onesies, bath supplies, nail clippers, etc.

    This is a great gift for a mom-to-be who is worried about using disposable diapers. Very earth friendly!

    Easy, DIY Washcloth Flower Bouquet

    Easy, DIY Washcloth Flower BouquetSource:

    If you’re looking for cute and unique baby shower decorations that also make great baby gifts, this is perfect!

    All you need is:

    • 8-10 soft baby washcloths (per bouquet)
    • 8 1/2 x 11″ scrapbook paper
    • scissors
    • tape
    • cute ribbon (optional)
    • paper cone – roll a square of paper and stick with double stick tape

    Download and print as many free paper cone templates as you need. Cut, roll and secure with tape.

    Roll each baby washcloth diagonally, securing with a small piece of clear tape.

    Place 8-10 baby washcloths on each paper cone.

    Tie ribbon around each cone (optional)

    Place on the tables for cute decorations and give it all to the new mom as a baby shower gift after the shower!

    Other uses for our free paper cones are: fill with candies or bath beads, wrap in cellophane and tie at the top with a ribbon. Give to each guest to take home as party favors! Don’t forget to add one of our free baby shower favor tags!

    • Baby Shower Craft Ideas & DIY – Super Cute Crafts That Use Baby Socks, Diapers, Washcloths, Bibs & More!
    • Submit Your Own Cake: You’ve done all the work – and now we want to see it! Share your cute creation with our readers!
    • Be sure to visit our REAL cake gallery – filled with over 100 cake photos and tutorials – all submitted by readers!

    When it comes to creating these cute cakes, the possibilities are endless! They can be adjusted to match any color or theme.

    • The mom-to-be will absolutely love this! Not only does it make a great baby shower centerpiece for the main table – it’s overflowing with amazing baby goodies!
    • The new baby will be spoiled with tons of diapers, washcloths, bibs, rattles, lotions, shampoos, booties, stuffed animals – and all the other supplies packed inside!

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