Eating for Pregnancy by Catherine Jones & Rose Ann Hudson — Wichita Doula

You’ll learn about different types of nutrients and how much you should be getting each day, as well as what pregnancy function each nutrient supports. You don’t have to worry about carefully calculating it all from your food labels – the healthy recipes included in the book ensure a healthy balance of it all if you choose some for your breakfast , lunch, dinner, and snacks.

In addition to discussing important nutrients and many recipes, I liked that many common questions were answered in this book. Other topics covered include:

– Your daily calorie needs

– Rate of weight gain

– Special diets and food allergies

– Food safety tips

– Common irritations during pregnancy

– Special conditions during pregnancy

– Safe exercise during pregnancy

While many pregnancy cookbooks only focus on the three trimesters of pregnancy, Eating for Pregnancy actually has a few other sections in the back that are quite helpful – eating for breastfeeding, navigating postpartum depression and mood disorders, and mild weight management after birth.

The recipes themselves are easy to prepare and most of them include ingredients you probably already have or can easily find in a grocery store. There are 150 recipes included in the book for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks, and includes notes on alternatives for special diets such as gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian/vegan. There’s a nice mix of comfort food and world cuisine represented in the recipes for those times when you need more variety or have a certain craving.

The only gripe I had with this book was the writing style, which tried to come across as a sisterly “hey girl hey” vibe, but seemed a bit forced and trying to be happy and popular. However, I thought most of the prenatal advice was good and the recipes were easy to prepare!

You can get your own copy of Eating for Pregnancy by Catherine Jones and Rose Ann Hudson here!

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