European Court of Human Rights rules against human rights for preborn children

The European Court of Human Rights on Thursday ruled that a Polish court that denied a woman an abortion violated the woman’s right to privacy. It seems that the woman only wanted the abortion because her baby had received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

In 2020, Poland’s constitutional court approved a constitutional amendment to protect children with medical conditions from eugenic abortions like the one sought by this woman. Therefore, the woman was prevented from killing her baby in Poland and instead traveled abroad to kill her baby. The Court ruled that this amendment violated a woman’s right to private and family life, but also ruled that it did not legally amount to “inhuman or degrading treatment.”

Poland was ordered to pay the woman €16,004 in damages.

Warning: Disturbing image below.

The woman, known as ML in court documents, became pregnant in 2020, and at 14 weeks gestation, her baby was diagnosed with Down syndrome. The woman then scheduled an abortion for January 28, 2021. Just one day before her scheduled abortion, however, an amendment to the Polish constitution banning abortion on “eugenic grounds” went into effect and canceled her abortion. She traveled to the Netherlands where she had an abortion on January 29.


From 14 weeks throughout the second trimester, the most common abortion procedure used is a D&E separation abortion where the abortionist tears the child’s legs from his body before crushing his skull.

Abortionists have commented on the brutality of the procedure, including Marc Heller, who says in his book, “I experience a mixture of horror and relief when I crush the skull of a second-trimester fetus, knowing that I will be safely completed. the method, but I can also see the flattened face and bulging eyes of the baby I killed.”

Baby Holly was aborted by a D&E abortion at an abortion facility in Washington DC. Photo courtesy of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising.

The Court, which is supposed to protect human rights as its name suggests, has now failed to protect the right to life for children with disabilities, ultimately determining that they are better dead than born.

Federa, a Polish women’s rights organization with lawyers representing women, celebrated the Court’s decision in a statement, calling it a “milestone” but saying abortion should be allowed on demand, and for any reason.

“We hope that the new Polish government will liberalize the abortion law,” Federa said. “Returning to the legal situation before the decision of the Polish constitutional court is not enough – what is needed is access to legal abortion regardless of the reason.”

The DOJ jailed a pro-life grandmother this Christmas for protesting the killing of preborn children. Please take 30 seconds to TELL CONGRESS: STOP DOJ FROM TARGETING PRO-LIFE AMERICANS.

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