Explaining Surrogacy to Kids | Telling Your Child’s Story

The path to surrogacy can sometimes be filled with struggle, loss, and heartache. Undoubtedly, you love your children and have great gratitude for them and your successor. The difficult decisions or memories that led you to surrogacy can affect the way you move forward with parenthood. Because staying positive throughout the surrogacy process and beyond can be challenging, finding pockets of hope and happiness is important.

Try to remember some of the calmer moments when talking to your child about surrogacy. Keeping a positive attitude about the path you took to build your family will help in your conversations. One way to alleviate any feelings of guilt, shame, or uncertainty for you or your child is by being open and honest from the start.

Our children often mirror our thoughts, actions, and behaviors as they grow up – a little positivity goes a long way! Let them know that surrogacy is an amazing and wonderful way to be brought into this world, and it will help strengthen their personal identity.

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