Former President Donald Trump Wins Iowa Caucus

Former President Donald Trump is expected to win tonight’s Iowa caucus. Trump currently has 52.5% of the vote with 40% of precincts reported.

A win in Iowa and collecting more than half the vote against Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley and others will almost certainly solidify Trump’s standing heading into New Hampshire and make it so that Trump continues as the challenging favorite to take the Republican nomination for a rematch against radical pro-abortion president Joe Biden.

Just 30 minutes after the caucus vote began, most media outlets declared Trump the winner — no surprise since he had a large margin in most every poll leading up to tonight’s vote. The only questions that remain outstanding in the Hawkeye State are whether or not Trump will hold onto a margin of more than 50 percent and whether DeSantis or Haley will finish as the runner up.

“The people of Iowa sent a clear message tonight: Donald Trump will be the next Republican nominee for President. It’s time to make him the next President of the United States,” said Alex Pfeiffer, director of communications for Make America Great Again Inc.

If the race ends as Trump vs. Biden, it will be a stark contrast to abortion.

In recent comments, Trump has said that Democrats are the real radicals on abortion because they support abortions up until birth.

“And remember this, they are the radicals. We are not the radicals. Because they’re going to kill a baby,” Trump said.

“But, in the debate with Hilary Clinton, I said, you know, she is willing to rip the baby out of the womb in the ninth month. And you know, I never heard of it – it happened to me. It just came to me during that debate. I didn’t go up there thinking I was going to say that. And he winced. Nobody wants to see that happen after a certain amount of time, nobody. They are the radicals because they are ready to kill the baby at eight months, nine months, or even after birth,” he explained.

“If you remember, the former governor of Virginia where he said, you kill the baby after the ninth month or even after you’ve set aside the baby and you have talked with the mother. And if the conversation, you can imagine — but these are the radicals. We are not the radicals. We are not the radicals. But we live in a time where there has to be some concession, one way or the other,” he added.

What are Joe Biden’s priorities if he is re-elected to a second term as president?

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It’s not improving a troubled economy, putting a clamp on runaway inflation, improving education or securing the border. No, Biden’s top priority is making sure more babies are killed in abortions.

“First of all: Roe,” Biden’s deputy campaign manager Quentin Fulks said Sunday in an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Roe stands for a desperate attempt to codify the infamous Supreme Court decision that resulted in the killing of more than 64 million babies killed in abortions before the Supreme Court ultimately overturned the ill-conceived case in June 2022.

“The president is adamant that we need to reinstate Roe. It’s unfathomable that women today wake up in a country with fewer rights than their ancestors years ago,” Fulks said.

The statement is absurd on its face, because Roe and abortion itself deprive women of their rights by erasing the right to life. And girls (and boys) who are killed in abortion lose a basic right under abortion and then cannot gain any other rights or freedoms for the rest of their lives because their lives have been erased.

However, Biden compared abortion to health care.

“No woman should be forced to go to court or flee her home state just to receive the health care she needs,” Biden said of the case. “But that’s exactly what happened in Texas thanks to Republican elected officials, and it’s just outrageous. It shouldn’t be happening in America, period.”

However, the courts have made it clear that abortion is not legitimate health care and that Biden cannot force emergency rooms and ER doctors to kill babies in abortions when they are committed to providing legitimate emergency medical care. for pregnant women.

As LifeNews reported, the Supreme Court has ruled that Joe Biden cannot force Idaho to turn its emergency rooms into abortion centers – for now while the case continues. The ruling follows a federal appeals court ruling this week that stopped Biden from doing the same thing in Texas.

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