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Funny Baby Shower Games: Easy DIY Games

When planning a baby shower for yourself or someone else, some funny baby shower games are a must! You want to choose something that your guests will enjoy, but also something that is easy to set up and carry out.

These funny baby shower games are top of the line for being the most baby shower friendly, easy to set up and fun to play!

Don’t Tell Baby:

It is a classic and very simple. Give each guest a safety pin and pin it to their shirt. Throughout the shower, when a guest says the word “Baby” their pin can be stolen. The winner is the guest at the end of the shower with the most pins. It can get competitive, so be prepared for your friends and family to cheat each other out of products to win a party prize!

How Big is Mommy’s Tummy:

Another classic game that is easy to play. You can choose to use any string or ribbon, and have each guest cut a piece of string that they think is the size of mommy’s belly (no cheating!). See whose guess is closest and they win a prize!

funny baby shower games

Adult diapers:

This game will have your friends and family rolling on the floor! Divide your guests into groups of about 3 or 4 and give each team a roll of toilet paper. Ask the teams to make an adult diaper on a person in just 3 minutes. They have to be creative and be fast to win this game!

Sprinkler Classification:

Sorting sprinkles is harder than it sounds! Take four colors of sprinkles and mix them in a cup or bowl. Prepare four separate cups/bowls to sort. Give each guest an allotted time (say 1 minute) and whoever can separate the most sprinkles wins a prize! It’s a twist on the original game where you blindly separate the safety pins from the rice!

sprinkling of type

The price is right:

A game and gift all in one! Buy a basket full of baby necessities (diaper cream, baby powder, thermometer, binky, etc.), write the name of the item on the front of a notecard and the price on the back. Have each guest look at the objects and write down their guesses and total value. Whoever guesses the closest to the true total without going over, wins.

funny baby shower games

What’s in a Diaper Bag?

For this easy DIY shower game, fill a diaper bag with 8 to 10 baby goodies (think bottle, onesie, diaper cream, hairbrush) then pass the bag around. Visitors should try to identify as many items inside as possible by just touching, (not looking) and writing them down. Once everyone has had a chance, compare the lists to see who identified the most correctly. Bonus: When the game is over, Mama leaves with a diaper bag ready for baby.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

baby shower dressing game

This is a great Winter Baby Shower Game! Set up a “dressing station” with a doll, diaper, onesie, T-shirt, pants, socks, hat and coat for the “baby”. Guests take turns blindfolded and try to dress up the “baby”. Time each attempt and the fastest (and best dressed) wins!

If you’re planning a Baby Shower, be sure to check out our Party Planning Checklist to help you plan the easy way! Also check out our FREEBIES page for some great Baby Shower Invites, free to download!

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