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Gender Reveal Nails – 10 original ideas

Are you looking for original Gender Reveal Nails? Read on to see the sweetest Gender Reveal Nail ideas we’ve found!

Revealing the gender of your baby is a cool trend that started about ten years ago and it’s a great way to celebrate your news with family and friends. Why not make the news of the baby’s gender reveal a party? And that is exactly what many couples choose to do. Gender Reveals have become a real thing, and that means originality and unique gender reveal ideas are all over the internet. From gender Reveal lasagna to Gender Reveal Balloon boxes, there are many ways to reveal your Baby’s gender. If you’re not sure what and how to run a gender reveal party, check out our ultimate guide to gender reveal party etiquette here.

Sometimes the best Gender Reveals can go horribly wrong, as a couple from Arizona found out when their planned gender reveal idea went up in smoke. Literally. When Dennis, Dad shot at a burning target, it didn’t just burn blue or pink, it caused a wildfire that burned 450,000 acres and took 800 firefighters a full week to fight the blaze, resulting in a $22,000 fine . Must go with the tried and tested DIY box announced.

Epic fails aside, most parents can get creative with their Gender Reveals. And that’s where Gender Reveal nails come in.

Who created Gender Reveal Nails?

In early 2019, Marsha found out she was expecting and decided to have a friend show her the sex. Marsha from Trend Setters Hair Studio in Cincinnati shared her creation on Instagram. She adorned fake nails painted pink and blue with an elaborate little cake on top of the middle finger. A friend lit a candle on top of the cake and it caught fire with a blue flame! And then the fascination began. Of course, the internet loved the idea and 18 months later, here we are, ready to show you the best Gender Reveal Nail ideas!

Best Gender Reveal Nail Ideas

Classy and cute, these multicolored nails break out of boring traditions with polka dots. The perfect nails for a sweet and classy girl or boy! Grow this manicure with pride!

Keep your guests guessing with adorable ombre, detailed Gender Reveal nails. Something fun but not too crazy that you can still take them to work tomorrow. With speckled dots and glittery tops, indulge in the beauty of your manicure and heighten the suspense. And the great thing about Gender Reveal nails is that you can show them off throughout the party instead of waiting until the end.

Aren’t these nails just precious? The detail is stunning! A piece of art for you to brand on your nails. You can spin this idea in a number of ways, featuring baby bottles, rattles, blocks, cradles and strollers on your Gender Reveal nails. You can do this with a dominant color or just wait for the appropriate time to lift one finger above the others. One of the coolest things about gender reveal nails is that you can keep the party going by bringing your manicure and having another session with your co-workers or acquaintances when they see the nails!

Did you know that summer is almost here? Hard to say under lockdown! But you can kick off the season with these new and fun gender reveal nails. This particular manicure also keeps your guests guessing, although you can adjust the look and choose other colors. Of course, you can choose not to be stereotyped by choosing any color you like. Plus, this gender-bending nail art is sweet and low-key enough to wear anywhere.

Gender Reveal Nail Art for Long Nails


Now, these are some seriously artistic Gender Reveal nails. If you want an older look, we have things with this marble style, textured gender reveal nails. If you want to dress up a bit, just have one nail in the color of the gender and remove the cap on this nail at the right time without missing the opportunity to show off this amazing manicure!

Sparkles? Check. Detailed details? Check. Bright popping colors? Check. We have to say, this awesome Gender Reveal nail art is cute and fun while still maintaining a vintage feel.

Classic Gender Reveal Nails

If you want something smaller that you can wear around town and make you look old and beautiful, check out this Gender Reveal nail design. Understated elegance with a touch of sparkles, a hint of class, and very, very beautiful. Team up with a delicious and awesome Gender Reveal cake for the perfect party.

While we’re on the understated elegance track, check out this minimalist look. Even if you don’t like over the top, showy nails, you can still join the trend and get a beautiful Gender Reveal manicure and not compromise your style. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t draw too much attention but still fits the theme, why not try a gently detailed minimalist look?

If you can’t decide on an idea for your Gender Reveal nail art- go for all of them! With each nail featuring a different design, keep your family and friends on the edge of their seats to keep guessing the baby’s gender.

At the end of the day, a Gender Reveal party is a way to have fun and celebrate. And the Gender Reveal nails are another piece of the puzzle, but you have to choose the picture!

Check our Pinterest boards for more amazing Gender Reveal Nail Ideas.

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