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Gender Reveal With Siblings – The Best Gender Reveals with Siblings

Gender Reveal with siblings is a great way to include the whole family in your new baby’s Gender Reveal. Not only do you get to capture the cuteness of your toddler’s excitement, but you also get to make them a big part of the action.

And if you’re over the old wives’ tales, and ready to find out, there are tons of cute ways to reveal your Baby’s Gender. From Gender Reveals with dogs, to Gender Reveal balloon boxes, to more extreme ideas like burnouts and smoke cannons! Whichever Gender Reveal idea you choose, it’s sure to be an event to remember.

We’ve rounded up 12 of the best ways to reveal your baby’s gender while involving siblings. Not only are these Sibling Gender Reveals super cute, but they make sure your older child is in the middle of the fun!

Best Gender Reveals In Siblings

Gender Reveal Balloon Box

It’s a really easy Gender Reveal for the siblings involved because their work is straightforward. Just open the box! Out come the balloons and voila, your big reveal!

Make your own DIY Gender Reveal box (see full instructions here) and decorate with our printable Brother or Sister sign.

Remember to get your camera ready to capture their little faces when the pink or blue balloons float! Post it on social media for a cute Sibling announcement on social media!

And if DIY isn’t your thing, buy it ready made Gender Reveal box here.

gender reveal box

Gender Reveal Pinata

Now this Sibling Gender Reveal is similar to balloon box but like a pinata. With that in mind, this one works better for slightly older kids because they’ll need to pull the string down to release the balloons and make the toe big reveal. It’s super easy to make your own Gender Reveal Pinata. Just check out how to make your own Gender Reveal Pinata here.

Gender Reveal Confetti Balloon

Another good Sibling Gender Reveal option is a Gender Reveal confetti balloons. However, if your sibling is on the younger side, they will need an adult to help with popping. But they’ll still make a great photo opportunity standing under the falling confetti!

“Only child to expire…”

Our next Gender Reveal idea with siblings is to use the tagline “only child to expire…”. Now, there are many ways you can do this, but generally, you include the date of your new arrival and whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. Use a blackboard yes letter board to write your sign.

If you plan to use it as a Gender Reveal, then add some color pink o blue balloonsor the word Baby Brother or Baby Sister in the text.

Number Balloons

Now this is a Gender Reveal sibling idea because your kids don’t have to do much more than stand up and hold a number balloon! Get creative with your background. If you have a nice garden you can take it outside or do it seasonally depending on the time of year.

You can even bring your dog to this one! Check out our Gender Reveals with dogs for more pet-friendly reveal ideas!

Use your Sonogram photo

Next, this example shows how to integrate the sonogram image into your Gender Disclosure. Adding a pair of little pink shoes tells the rest of the story! Look at the big sister’s expression in the background, it’s so beautiful! Just post your announcement on social media for your big reveal.

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

Now, this The Gender Reveal idea works well with siblings of all ages because they can help pull confetti cannon string to Mom or Dad. The confetti cannons don’t make a loud bang like a Gender Reveal Balloon so more suitable for any sensitive ears!

Siblings Gender Reveal with Balloons

Another way to use balloons at your sister’s Gender Reveal is this creative Mama’s. And no need to worry about loud bangs! Look cute letterboard sign. And how adorable the little one is holding the air, so sweet!

Sibling Gender Reveal Ideas

If your Gender Reveal fell in the Fall, this pumpkin The Gender Reveal idea might work for you! A simple idea, but really beautiful and striking especially with the cozy rug and leaves on the lawn.

If you’re lucky enough to celebrate the holiday season, take advantage of all the festive cheer! How cute is this Christmas Gender Reveal idea. You only need one blackboard and a christmas hat or accessory and you’re good to go.

If your reveal is summer, the “what’s the scoop” Gender Reveal will work just fine! Just make sure you have pink and blue ice-cream on hand for the big reveal!

Gender Reveals Brothers’ Hands

Finally, our last Gender Reveal with a sibling idea is this cutie. Pink or blue finger paints do the trick for this handprint Gender Reveal idea.

However you choose to reveal your Baby’s gender, it’s always a good idea to include older siblings. Not only do they help make for a super cute photo, but getting them involved in all the excitement of your pregnancy is always a great idea!

Have questions about Gender Reveals? Join me in my Party Planning Facebook community here.

Check out our Pinterest board for more Gender Reveals with Siblings ideas.

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