Greece Legalizes Same-Sex Civil Marriage

Greece legalized same-sex civil marriage, making it the first Orthodox country to do so. There was considerable opposition to legalization from the Greek Church, which was socially conservative. However, the proposal was still passed and same-sex couples would be allowed to enter into civil marriages. There were 176 lawmakers out of the 300-member parliament who voted in favor of the change, and they came from the same party.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his center-right government drafted the bill, and 76 members of parliament rejected it. There were also two members who abstained from it and 46 who were not present when the vote was taken. After the vote, Mitsotakis took to X (formerly Twitter) to say that Greece was proud to become the 16th EU country to legislate marriage equality.

He also called the law “a milestone for human rights” and indicated that it resonates in Greece today. Mitsotakis called his country democratic, progressive, and passionately committed to its values. Large groups of supporters gathered outside parliament to watch a screen showing the debate and vote. They applauded and hugged when the proposal was over.

One man, who only wanted to be known as Nikolas, said he was “no longer invisible” now. He went on to say that it took a long time for changes to come to his country, but now there is and that is what matters. There was also a protest earlier today from people who are against the bill and want it to fail. They prayed and carried religious icons in their protest.

Polls suggest that the reform is one that is supported by a narrow margin of the Greek people, and that it is not as divisive on an issue as the rising cost of living and other concerns. The bill also gives full rights to same-sex married parents with children, so that they can take their children to the doctor, pick them up from school, and engage in other activities that they have been unable to do. in the past.

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