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Harry Potter Gender Reveal Ideas

A Harry Potter Gender Reveal is a very fun Gender Reveal theme.

If you’re a fan of all things wizardry, then get inspired by these gorgeous Harry Potter Gender Reveal ideas. Perfect for Fall or for Halloween, these Harry Potter reveal ideas are simply magical! And this theme makes a nice change from the traditional pink or blue.

From sorting hat reveals, to smoking cauldrons, we’ve rounded up the best Harry Potter themed Gender Reveal ideas from around the world. Read on for some of the best scary ideas.

The Harry Potter Gender Reveal Ideas

Of course, there are many ways you can do the Harry Potter Gender Reveal! Luckily, wizardry and magic lend themselves well to revealing the gender of your Baby! So wands at the ready! And here are our favorite ways to throw this magical party.

Harry Potter Cauldron Smoke revealed

reveal harry potter's gender

Now, this brilliant Harry Potter Gender Reveal requires a big pot and a gender shows a smoke bomb. Simply place the smoke bomb in the cauldron and light the wick. Then smoke will rise from the cauldron revealing a man or a woman. It’s so easy to make, makes for a huge reveal, and perfect for the theme. Pure magic!

Harry Potter Gender Reveal Balloon Box

harry potter gender reveal sorting hat

A balloon box reveal is an old favorite and can easily be customized with a Harry Potter theme. This couple brought together a sorting hat in the mixture and a fun sign on the box.

Check out our tutorial here for how to make your own DIY Gender Reveal box. It’s very easy. Once you have made the box, simply fill it with 4 or 5 pink or blue helium balloons and seal the lid. To do the big reveal, open the lid and watch the balloons float away.

Harry Potter Gender Reveal Confetti Balloon

witch or wizard balloon

We all love a Gender Reveal balloon, it’s a great photo opportunity and easy to setup. And this witch or wizard balloon nailed the brief and will add a punch to your Witch or Wizard Gender Reveal. Pop the balloon and watch the colored confetti explode!

baby gryffindor gender reveal balloon

This giant wolf from Rock paper scissors are hand painted and can be personalized to your requirements. Love it!

Harry Potter Gender Reveal Cake

harry potter gender reveal cake

Another great idea is a twist on the classic Gender Reveal cake. Just bake your cake with pink or blue frosting inside, and cut to reveal Baby’s gender! Check out this beauty by Kristen Copeland.

For more Harry Potter party food ideas, check out our blog post here.

Sorting Hat

Next, this Gender Reveal idea requires a sorting hat and placing some sort of object under the hat to reveal the gender of the baby.

harry potter gender reveal party

This couple used a blue baby onesie for the big reveal. Alternatively, baby shoes, a colored pacifier, or a colored soft toy are also great. Or even a golden snitch! Style the place like this couple with books, Hedwigand some themed signage.

Gender Revealed Revealing the potion

Another fun option for revealing the pot is a Gender Reveal Potion! This clever Mama will make hers using baking soda, vinegar and food coloring. But he suggests testing it first to get the amount right and not have a huge overflow!

Harry Potter Gender Reveal Decorations

As well as the big reveal, you’ll need to think about how to decorate for your party. Check out these beautiful setups that add a big Potter pop to your decor. See all our favorite Harry Potter party supplies here.

How to style a Harry Potter Gender Reveal

from muggle to mom balloons

Glitter Balloon has created the perfect gold foil balloon wording with this set of From Muggle To Mom balloons. Plus a touch of gold aways adds a magical feel to a party, $16 from Etsy.

wolf necklace

This Harry Potter themed balloon garland has all the colors you need to create the perfect Potter vibes. After all, balloon garlands always add a big pop of color and height to your party setup and are a cost-effective way to spice up your decor, $45 from Etsy.

platform 9 3/4 backdrop

This Platform 9 3/4 backdrop will make a big statement at your wizard-themed Gender Reveal party. Just pin to the wall behind your party table and you’re good to go, $9.99 from Amazon.

harry potter onesies baby shower

They are so cute Harry Potter onesies looks great hanging around the room as party decor. Plus, you can save them for when your Baby is born, $30 from Amazon.

harry potter old wives tales game

Remember to have fun with some Gender Reveal games! Create your own Harry Potter-themed Old Wives Tales to help your guests guess! Ask the Mom-to-be to answer the questions and let your Guests make their predictions from their answers.

Make sure you bring the Harry Potter theme to the meal. And these gorgeous sugar cookies by The Cookie Lady’s Daughter fits the bill perfectly!

And to finish off our dose of Wizard inspiration, check out this gorgeous cake by Ashley’s Custom Cakes. Now wouldn’t this make the perfect centerpiece to your Harry Potter themed Gender Reveal!

Shop Face

We’ve rounded up all our favorites Harry Potter gender reveal party supplies for you here.

Final Note on Harry Potter Gender Reveal Parties

Hopefully, this has given you tons of ideas for your party. Best of all, it’s a great spin on a traditional Gender Reveal. After all, the colors are gender neutral and make a nice change from pink and blue. Plus, if you’re a Potterhead, you can indulge your love of all things magical!

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