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We love bringing you the best Wichita has to offer, and there are so many great photographers here that it’s hard to choose just one when it comes time to document some of life’s most precious moments. One of our favorites is Sarah Jane Silvers Photographythat somehow has the ability to take a random photo of something or someone and turn it into something that looks straight out of a magazine.

Who better to do something really unique with your maternity or baby photos?

Here are the rough details about Sarah Jane Silvers (we’re real y’all)

Wichita Doula: What is your origin story as a photographer?

SJS: I was given a 35 mm Pentax camera when I was 16. I fell in love immediately. I was afraid of what everyone would think, and I didn’t think about going pro for fear of criticism – and then I decided to do it for myself instead.

WD: Was it hard to start a business or did it just start happening? Is there anything about it that surprises you?

SJS: It’s hard to start anything when you feel like the world is judging you.

I had to take a break for a month or two because my competitiveness got the better of me. I had to refocus on what I really wanted out of it and do that. I discovered the competitive mindset community and ran from there.

Every day is a surprise. It always amazes me that people like my work and keep booking me. I am in complete awe of the beautiful souls I have met and befriended so far and the magic we have created. Most of all I am surprised that I am here. Sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough but then I remember running around with my Pentax, dreaming of becoming the person I am now and I’m proud.

WD: What is your favorite thing to do when doing maternity shoots?

SJS: Capturing women in their full form. A woman with a child has many truths and beauties. This is a fleeting time and one that must be captured well and faithfully.

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