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Surrogacy is definitely a hurdle that not everyone can jump. With costs quoted at over $100,000, this is a daunting task to undertake. Some IPs try to complete the surrogacy process themselves by “going independent”. Others hire consultants or partial agency services to reduce costs. In both of these cases, there is a lot of work involved for all parties. Finding supporting professionals such as lawyers, escrow agents, and mental health professionals can also be overwhelming.

Here are some of the options I’ve witnessed IPs use to finance their surrogacy journey:

  1. Asking their parents (the future grandparents) for financial help.

  2. Borrowing from a 401k

  3. Getting a home equity line of credit

  4. Sale of stocks/bonds or other valuables

  5. Applying for a personal loan

  6. Applying for grants or “scholarships”

  7. Finding a clinic that offers a “money back guarantee option”

There are other ways to reduce the cost of surrogacy that include having someone, a family member or friend, volunteer to be your surrogate for little to no charge. However, this comes with its own emotional cost and the medical and legal commitments remain the same.

Remember that when you’re considering taking the surrogacy process into your own hands don’t cut corners on really important places like the reproductive attorney or escrow agent. A good agency, although it adds to the financial cost, can reduce your stress and the overwhelming feeling of being responsible for your successor and all the details that come with an effort of this magnitude.

Are you ready to be a surrogate?

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