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How to do a Gender Reveal with eggs

How to do a Gender Reveal with eggs is something we get asked a lot!

Gender Reveal parties have grown in popularity over the past decade. Finding out if you have a little prince or princess is a special moment, why not share it with family and friends and hey- who needs an excuse to party?!

Revealing your baby’s gender is an opportunity to have a little fun and share the joy as well as create excitement for the incoming bundle of joy. We’ve already shown you a lot of Gender Reveal ideas, but today we bring you something special and a little different. Read on to find out how to do a Gender Reveal together

Gender Reveals Egg Roulette

Today, we bring you the coolest thing on the internet. You can thank us later.

Jimmy Fallon plays a fun game of egg roulette, where he has guests take turns smashing eggs into their heads. One is raw and will crush everyone on their foreheads.

Now, think of this game as a Gender Reveal.

The Gender Reveal version of egg roulette involves dying eggs. You can choose two arbitrary colors or stick with the traditional choices of either blue or pink. It doesn’t have to be a statement about gender stereotypes, it can just be traditional symbols.

All the eggs are boiled, except for the one that will reveal the sex – the other will remain raw.

Now the fun begins. It’s a great way for everyone to have a great time and it really builds tension and creates a sense of anticipation and an air of eggcitement.

How to play Gender Reveal Egg Smash

Players take turns breaking a colored egg on their forehead. If the egg is hard-boiled – it is not the sex. Usually this is the Mom and Dad to be, but you can include grandparents, siblings, friends, your party, you make the rules. Anyone with a raw egg has the right gender – and a head that drips into the egg.

It was hilariously good fun. A game is one of the best ways to “break” the gender reveal. If you want more ideas, you can check out some of our other blog posts.

Ideally, this game should be played by expectant parents and therefore the gender should be a surprise. Ask the doctor overseeing your scan to write the gender on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope. Then you need to have a good friend or family member set it up for you.

How to play Gender Reveal Egg Roulette

Ask a close friend or family member to set the gender reveal roulette for you. Give them the envelope and tell them to boil eleven eggs (or more if you want to keep the game longer) and keep one raw. Color the raw egg, the correct sex, and the rest a mixture of blue and pink. Make sure you have an equal number of each gender.

Keep the eggs in the refrigerator until you’re ready to play. Make sure the raw egg is hard so it’s not a dead giveaway, consider freezing it and then putting it in the fridge a few hours before playtime (if it’s cold, that’s a dead giveaway too).

The game itself is very simple and very fun. Just take turns hitting an egg on your forehead. Eventually one of you will break the raw egg – the color of the raw egg is the color of sex. Now how’s that for a surprising Gender Reveal idea?

Sex Shows Egg Cracking

A sweet twist on gender egg roulette is a low key way to reveal the gender to your loved ones who live far away and can’t attend your gender reveal party. Or if you’re stuck inside due to the coronavirus, be sure to try this cute one gender reveal gimmick.

gender shows quail eggs

There are several variations, but the point is to crack a hollow egg that will rain colored glitter with a slight note. And it’s a sweet way to include family and friends who live far away.

If you want to see the viral video that started the whole craze, we’ve linked it for you right here. Wholesome and heartwarming, don’t you want a gender reveal like this?

For more Gender Reveal ideas, check out our Gender Reveal section here.

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