How to Keep Baby Warm in Stroller During Winter

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Hello to all the beautiful moms out there! 💕Winter is upon us, and as much as we love the idea of ​​cozying up indoors with our kids, sometimes life outside calls us! But, don’t worry! Today, I’m going to dive deep into a topic we all wonder about – how to keep baby warm in a stroller

If the cold weather is giving you second thoughts about taking a daily walk or visiting the park, I’m here to sprinkle some heat (literally!) on those plans.

1. Layer Up, Baby!

Remember how grandma always said that layers are the key to staying warm? He’s right! Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to keep baby’s skin dry. Then, add a thermal mid-layer followed by a tight outer layer. This way, if the sun decides to grace us with its presence, you can easily remove a layer to make sure baby isn’t too hot.

If you haven’t invested in a footmuff, now is the time. Think of it as a sleeping bag for your stroller! They are specifically designed to keep babies and toddlers warm. Some are waterproof, which is great for those surprising mid-walk snow flurries.

3. Snug as a Bug with Blankets

Having some soft, thick blankets on hand is always a good idea. These can be placed over your baby’s legs or wrapped around them for extra warmth. Plus, they’re great for impromptu picnics (indoors or outdoors)!

4. Don’t Forget the Little Fingers and Toes!

Gloves and booties, my friends! Cold fingers and toes can make any outing miserable. Use laced gloves to keep them from getting lost, and well-fitting booties to avoid any cold toes.

5. Hats Off (or On!) to Warmth

A large amount of body heat can escape from our heads, and that is even more true for babies. Invest in a soft and warm hat that completely covers baby’s ears. And if it has a cute little pom-pom on top, well, that’s just a bonus!

6. Weather Shields: A Stroller’s Best Friend

Many strollers come with a weather shield or canopy, which acts as a barrier against wind, snow, and rain. They are clear, so your baby can still watch the world go by and you can keep an eye on them. Perfect!

7. Keep Moving

The act of walking will generate some warmth for you and the baby. So, if it’s really cold, try not to stay still for too long. Those brisk walks can be refreshing and help keep the cold at bay.

8. Check-in regularly

From time to time, insert a finger inside the baby’s layers to check their temperature. We like them warm, but not too hot. A good rule of thumb is that babies usually need one more layer than adults to stay comfortable.

9. Hydrate and Feed

Believe it or not, staying hydrated can actually help keep you warm. So, whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, make sure your baby is getting enough to drink before going out. And, if your baby has started solids, a small snack can provide some extra energy to generate heat.

10. Trust Your Instincts

In the end, mom, trust your instincts. If you think it’s too cold or feel unwell, it’s okay to skip the hike for a day. There’s always hot cocoa and snuggles in the house!

To conclude, there is no need to fear the cold when you are well prepared. With these handy tips, your baby will be snug and toasty, ready to explore the winter wonderland.

Stay warm and fabulous, moms! See you again. ✨

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