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How to make a Gender Reveal Pinata

Gender Reveal Pinata Ideas

How to make a Gender Reveal Pinata is a question we get asked a lot! If you’re planning a Gender Reveal Party, you’ll be deciding on the best way to make the big reveal!

Of course, there are many great ways to reveal your Baby’s gender, and some are great for DIY! We love the Gender Reveal box and pinata. So, if you’re feeling crafty, read on to learn how to make a Gender Reveal Pinata!

What is a Gender Reveal Pinata?

A Gender Reveal pinata is usually a box containing pink or blue balloons and confetti. When you are ready, the pinata is suspended from a high ceiling or tree. Then, to announce your Baby’s gender, pull the pinata string and watch the pink or blue balloons pop and reveal the big show! Check out this video to see a pinata Gender Reveal.

How do you make a Gender Reveal pinata?

Well, the DIY Gender Reveal pinata is really easy to make. Plus, you only need a few supplies and about an hour to put together something really special!

How to make a Gender Reveal Pinata

Step 1… Plan your Gender Reveal Pinata design

There are several options for the design of your box. Of course, you can be simple, with a plain box with a message on the side. Or be more elaborate in the decor. So here are some of our favorite design choices for you.

Words for your Gender Reveal Pinata that work well include:

This is…

Male or Female?

Pink or blue? Time to find out!

Brother or sister?

He or she? We want to see!

Twinkle twinkle little star, we wonder what you are!

Step 2… Gather your supplies!

Now that you’ve planned your design, you’re ready to get started! This is what you will need…

cardboard box
gender reveal balloons

Step 3 – Assemble your Gender Reveal Pinata!

  • First, put your box together and secure the top with packing tape. Remember, the bottom needs to stay open at this stage.
  • Then cover the box with your chosen paper or paint. If covered with paper, wrap it like a gift.
  • You remember cut out the pieces for the flaps and tape down to keep it nice!
  • If you leave it plain, just assemble your box!
  • Now securely attach the 2 pull strings with tape to the inside of the large flaps on the base of your box. Make sure you fasten them well!
  • Also, you will need to attach some string to the top of the box so you can hang it. The best way to do this is to poke 2 small holes in each of the top corners of the box to thread your string through.
gender reveal pinata twinkle twinkle

Step 4 – Decorate!

  • Now decorate your box however you want!
  • Use super cute and easy stickers.
  • Print and paste designs or words
  • Keep it simple with pink and blue dots and hearts.

Best Gender Reveal Pinata Decorations

If you’re not that crafty, you can make it easier by purchasing or downloading stickers to decorate your box.

So, here are our favourites…

This Gender Reveal Sticker The set includes black and white balloon stickers along with pink and blue hearts and stars. And it works really well with a simple kraft box.

Next, this Sign of Gender Reveal is an instant download that you can download and print out yourself.

oh baby gender reveal box printable

Another cute option is this Twinkle Twinkle vinyl decal.

gender reveal ideas in the pinata box

Finally, this Brother or sister sign also comes as an instant download and is perfect for Baby’s second or third reveal.

how to make a gender reveal pinata box

Step 4 – Insert Balloons!

  • I cant can be confusing to figure out how many wolves to put in your box. However, you don’t want to overfill it, because the balloons can get stuck and not come out. In my experience, around 12-14 balloons all you need
  • Remember, for a Gender Reveal Pinata you don’t want to fill the balloons with helium because you want them to float down, not up!
  • First, turn your box upside down and fill with your balloons, confetti, and streamers.
  • Then close the base of the box, leaving the 2 pull strings dangling. Use tape to loosely secure the box. Remember, you want the pull string to open the box so don’t over secure the box!
  • If you are not “in on the surprise” you will need to get a friend or relative who knows the gender of the baby to do it for you!!

Now your DIY Gender Reveal Pinata is ready for the big reveal!

Then, gather your closest friends and family, count down from 10, and pull the strings! Finally, your pink or blue balloons pop and your baby’s gender is revealed. Remember to have your camera ready!

Ready-Made Gender Reveal Pinatas

If you just want to cut to the chase and buy a ready-made Gender Reveal Pinata, there are some great options available.

So, here is our top ready made Gender Reveal Pinatas.

So, there you have it! Most of all, we hope this was helpful and that you’re now ready to get crafty and craft!

For more ideas on how to reveal your Baby’s Gender, read our best Gender Reveal ideas.

And hope you have the best Gender Reveal Party ever!

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