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How to throw a Boho Baby Shower: Easy tips

We love a Boho Baby Shower theme because it’s beautiful, relaxed, fun and loved by the Guests. If you’re wondering how to throw a Boho Baby Shower, we’ve put together our top tips.

Whether you’re having a Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Garden Party or just a nice girls get together, this is one of the best parties to host.

Planning a Boho Baby Shower doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact they can be very relaxing. By choosing a few key elements and keeping it simple, you can easily put together a gorgeous Boho themed party. Think open air, wind in your hair!

Put a fresh, modern twist on your party with vibrant colors and floral patterns for a fun, feminine vibe.

Read to learn how to throw a Boho Baby Shower.

Location is key

When you’re thinking about how to throw a Boho Baby Shower, location is key! Although you Possible throw a Boho shower indoors, this theme really lives up to nature. If you have space in your garden, it works well in a shady spot under some trees. The benefit of hosting a party in your own garden is being close to your kitchen and bathroom.

However, if this is not possible, I have found some beautiful Boho showers thrown in a local park or woods. Just rope someone in to help carry all the goodies to the party location!

boho party decor

Dress code

This is a super easy party dress for! Think about it florals, floaties and dresses! When you send out invitations, it’s a good idea to give guests a loose dress code. For example, you can recommend that guests channel bohemian fairy vibes with flowy fabrics and floral prints. Think summery dresses, floral patterns, lace and beautiful colors.

what to wear to boho party

Flower headbands can add an extra touch of Boho. Even a simple plan floaty dress can be dressed up with some flowers in your hair.

A DIY flower crown is very easy to make and only requires a few materials. Get the floral tape, scissors, craft wire, wire or pliable twine, and flowers and plants. Flower crown

Tip: Check out our DIY flower headband guide here.

Set the Scene

A Boho Party should feel eclectic and relaxed.

To create this feeling, use pillows, blankets, and upholstery, which will add layers to your styling. These can be used with picnic style blankets on the floor and also draped or hung high.

Tip: Try creating height in your style by incorporating some hanging ornaments.

Whether you have furniture or not, you can use throws, cushions and blankets to create cozy areas on the floor or to decorate chairs and couches.

Tip: Old curtains can make a great throw, check your Mum’s wardrobes or local charity shops! Cheap off cut fabrics can also work well as a base layer.

boho party decor


Once your fabrics are set, add some special elements to make your Boho Baby Shower truly glamorous.

Fairy lights strung between trees or in a jar as a centerpiece create a beautiful atmosphere.

fairy lights bridal shower

Flowers add beauty, color and interest. With a Boho themed Baby Shower, you can really be eclectic with your flower choices. It doesn’t really have to be matchy matchy!

vegetable garden placed on tables and on the ground in jars or baskets can add a touch of nature. Feel free to mix colors, textures, and patterns for your table decor to give your space a relaxed look.

flowers for boho party

Candles placed in jars or lanterns also add great ambient lighting as the sun sets.

Food and Beverage

Think relaxing, picnic style finger foods that can be picked up and eaten straight off the plate.

Grazing platters are really popular with this style of party… think cheeses, meats, nuts, olives, fruits etc. Garnish with sprigs of rosemary and basil for extra greenery.

Tip: The grazing platter is very easy to put together and can contain both savory and sweet items.

grazing platter for picnic


I love having cake for all kinds of parties.

A boho themed cake is very easy to achieve. A simple sponge with some fruit and cream will absolutely do the trick!

Tip: Add some edible flowers to the top of the cake and continue the floral theme.

Check out some simpler floral cake ideas here.



boho party drink

For drinks, follow the Boho theme with mason jar glasses and colorful punch. I love this recipe for Sparkling Fruit Punch (although I have been known to substitute Sparkling water for Prosecco!). Or go classic with everyone’s favourite… champagne (with a non-alcoholic option for Mum)!!

As long as you follow a relaxed, floral and floaty vibe, you’ll pick up the theme. When the soft music is playing, the bubbles are flowing and the wind is in your hair, you will have the best party of your life!

If you’re planning a themed party, check out our Parties Page for tons of inspiration on all kinds of themes. Be sure to also check out our FREE Party Planning Checklist to help your party really go down with a swing!

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