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How to throw a Minecraft Party (amazing Minecraft Party Ideas)

How to throw a Minecraft Party is something we get asked a lot! If you spend a lot of time with kids, you’ve probably heard of Minecraft before. Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time! Both kids and adults love to play this unique game, therefore it keeps on ranking Top 10 Video Games.

If your child is a Minecraft fan, here are our tips on how to make a Minecraft party that will be awesome! Plus, check out photo inspiration from A Party to Remember who shared their amazing Minecraft Party with us!

How to throw a Minecraft Party?

When it comes to planning a party, there are certain elements that you need to have in addition to an epic theme! For more details on how to plan the ultimate party, check out our How To Plan A Children’s Party (The Easy Way). But to sum up, first, set the date, time and of course, location! Second, invite your guests.

Finally, plan the activities and schedule for the party which may include your menu and party favors. Since Minecraft will be your theme, tie that in everywhere you can from invitations to decorations to activities.

What do you do at a Minecraft Party?

Like any party, of course, the purpose of a Minecraft Party is to have fun! Here are some Minecraft-inspired activities that you can definitely include in your party:

  • Minecraft Piñata – Fill a box with goodies, seal it, paint it green and put a Creeper face on it for your players to try and open!
  • Character Mask – Using cardboard, have guests make their own masks. The more pixilated looking the better! Be creative!
  • Building Blocks – Since Minecraft is a lot about building and using your imagination, let everyone work together to build something together or host a friendly building competition. Collect different boxes from deliveries and your pantry before the party or use Lego and let them build!
  • Minecraft Musical Chairs – Instead of removing a chair, have one with a TNT label! After each round, whoever lands on that seat is out. Keep removing a regular seat until the last round.
  • BINGO – Using free BINGO cards generator, create cards using characters and items found in the game. Let the birthday boy or girl, call the images for their guests and then see who wins!
  • Pin the tail on the Pig – Create a Minecraft pig on your wall and have guests try to pin the tail on it! Remember, no peeking!
  • Play Minecraft – If your child is a big fan and so are their friends, then let them all play the game! This is a great activity to do if you have a small group or are hosting a virtual party. Minecraft is an awesome game for collaboration!

Minecraft Party Decorations

Since Minecraft consists of a world of blocks, cubes and also a lot of green, use them in your decoration. Build a balloon arch with green balloons and then place it behind your food table or use as a backdrop for a “photo booth.” Using disposable plates, make a Creeper face on your wall.

You can also order Minecraft party supplies to keep the decoration simple. There are great ideas including tableware as well as decorations like streamers and lanterns that will tie in well with your theme!

If you’re planning a Minecraft® birthday party for your child, check them out party favors covered in this convenient goody bag kit! Featuring enough bags and party favors for up to 8 kids, all you have to do is put the items in the bags and hand them out!

Minecraft Party Food Ideas

A Minecraft Party can be even more epic with Minecraft-inspired food! Take inspiration from the game and make these snacks for your guests to enjoy. For example, serve grapes and label them as “emeralds,” pretzels as “sticks” and square green Jell-Os as “weeds.” As for the drink, offer fruit punch and call it “lava.”

Rice Krispy squares turned into Creepers from the game would be a fun addition as well as licorice as TNT. Another idea is to have guests make their own square pizza with square ingredients and voila, you have a pixelated pizza! Of course, don’t forget about the cake! A square or “block” cake fits perfectly with a Minecraft party theme!

For those who don’t play the game, your child will be a great resource on how to throw a Minecraft party in addition to our tips! Minecraft teaches teamwork and problem solving while fostering creativity, so see what aspects of the game they like and incorporate them into your party. Is there an event coming up? Click here for more party ideas. Be happy!

thank you for A Party to Remember for sharing their Minecraft Party with us, for more photos check out their post here.

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