Joe Biden Wants to Force Christian Doctors to Participate in Abortions

President Joe Biden continues to solidify his position as the most anti-Life president in the history of the country. A recent example of this is his Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently rule change wants to partially repeal the enforcement of federal conscience protections for medical professionals from being forced to perform procedures that conflict with their beliefs.

Biden’s actions risk alienating Pro-Life health care professionals from their vocations. HHS is charged with enforcing several federal laws protecting conscience protections, including the Coats-Snowe Amendment and the Church Amendment. Under President Trump, enforcement of these provisions has been strengthened through the rulemaking process. Now, Biden intends to roll back these advances and weaken protections for health care facilities and individuals from performing or assisting in certain procedures contrary to their deeply held beliefs.

Within the health care domain, medical professionals more often than not encounter challenges to their deeply held beliefs as they face demands to participate in health care services or leave the healing profession. Now more than ever, Texas must enact conscience protections at the state level to protect health care workers from being forced to participate in a procedure with which they fundamentally disagree.

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Health care professionals should not be treated as mere vending machines, leaving them unable to maintain and guide their deeply held beliefs within their scope of practice. All health care professionals and students should be able to practice their specialty and simultaneously have the right to object to certain procedures, practices, or medical decisions.

Texas must act to protect health care professionals from federal anti-Life rule changes. The instability in these federal provisions has only been highlighted by the back and forth of the last two presidential administrations. In the next Texas Legislature, it is critical that Texas passes laws to insulate our health care workers from federal anti-Life rule changes, ensuring that their protections are obtained in state level from coercively acting against their moral convictions.

LifeNews Note: Ashley Leenerts writes for Texas Right to Life

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